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Why is the domain "gaming.stackexchange" and not arqade.stackexchange?

The domain name of stack exchange sites reflects the topic of the site. Most sites are named after their topic and so the name and domain are the same. This site is one of the few exceptions, where ...
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Why is the domain "gaming.stackexchange" and not arqade.stackexchange?

Gaming was the original name of the site, which is why we got the url The site eventually started pulling in a lot of traffic, but both SE and the community felt that the URL ...
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Why doesn't Arqade use it's named URL when other sites like AskUbuntu do?

Ask Ubuntu has its own URL primarily because it's the main source of community support for the Ubuntu operating system. That makes it one of the few sites to have its own URL, other than the 'trilogy' ...
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Have the 'Share' link use our Arqade domain name

status-declined The mod team reached out to the Community Team for clarification around the decline. There are a few reasons at play: Inconsistency - Unlike SE sites that use the custom domain as ...
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A new name for Gaming Stack Exchange?

Keep ! Stack Exchange is a brand. Not a sexy nor a consistent one. ;-) But a brand, nonetheless. It's something people have an existing familiarity with, and it would be wise ...
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Have the 'Share' link use our Arqade domain name

I can currently only see advantages using the arqade URLs. Those being the ones you bring up :) I do wonder, however, if their might be obscure reasons not to do so - our current redirect address is ...
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