As you stated that it didn't have any answer, it was probably removed by the Community ♦ Bot. It actually fits this case: If the question is more than 30 days old, and ... •has −1 or lower score •has no answers •is not locked It was older than 30 days, it had no answers, it wasn't locked, and it was on -1.


If your questions are indeed different from existing questions, you can (and often have to) specify that, and they won't be deleted. These two questions are the only ones you seem to have asked: Is it possible to complete dawnguard and vampire storyline in same game? This was closed as a duplicate of Can I finish both sides of the Dawnguard DLC, and there ...


Yes, these questions should be undeleted and reopened. As others have noted, these questions should not have been closed and deleted, since we have never agreed upon a policy of removing questions that are no longer relevant, due to version differences or inability to play the game in question.


we need to look at the bigger picture. Are there any other questions for other games that involve older versions? How did we handle those? In case we closed some and allowed others, did we do that based on legal availability of the subject? My personal opinion: if the game version can be acquired reasonably in a legal way (either because the game isn't ...


I do understand your point of friction here! I've run into it from time to time myself. While this can be quite frustrating, there is a way around it, which antimo helpfully provided in the comments - unaccept (if accepted) and delete your answer and then delete the question. We do have flags for moderators when lots of content is deleted in a short period ...


I've gone ahead and cast the deciding undelete vote, since this was just Community cleaning up a question with no activity for a year. In the future, a custom moderator flag would also bring this kind of situation to our attention.


If you look at this FAQ on MetaSE you will read that: Reputation changes from bounties and votes (both up and down) on deleted posts (including answers to a deleted question) are nullified. (Exception: Reputation earned for posts with a score of three or higher, and where the post has been visible on the site for at least 60 days, is retained). Reputation ...


I found the question (Viewable to post owner, 10k users, and mods, as usual.). The problem with how you asked it the first time was that you really didn't ask much. You had the title, and then a screenshot of the difficulty settings, and that was it. While I understand that sometimes there's not a lot more to ask than what you have in the title, you really ...


No problem! Mods can see your deleted posts from way back. Here's the link to the post in question: Which online games don't require servers and allow players using PC and Mac simultaneously? And here's the (only) answer to the question:


Question deleted! Mission accomplished. At least until someone else tags something with music that is.


I do believe that we block unilateral owner deletion for questions with upvoted answers (with the exception of mods). In case the question becomes off-topic and deleted everybody will keep their reputation iirc so long as the question is six months old and your post has enough score.


The link is a little hard to find. Click "questions", then there should be a link for recently deleted questions. I see it on your profile, and the question appears (as a mod, I can see these for any user, whereas you will just be able to see your own). Does anything appear when you go here (That is the page that is referred to with that link. I can see ...

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