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Deleted Question - What Gives?

As you stated that it didn't have any answer, it was probably removed by the Community ♦ Bot. It actually fits this case: If the question is more than 30 days old, and ... •has −1 or lower ...
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Why is every question I ask getting deleted?

If your questions are indeed different from existing questions, you can (and often have to) specify that, and they won't be deleted. These two questions are the only ones you seem to have asked: Is ...
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Ability to delete a question that you asked and self-answered

I do understand your point of friction here! I've run into it from time to time myself. While this can be quite frustrating, there is a way around it, which antimo helpfully provided in the comments - ...
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Improving question on championship privilege

Don't crosspost a question to multiple SE sites, that will make your questions too broad since you're making them fit multiple topic areas. Make your question specific to the topic area of the SE site ...
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Undelete request

I've gone ahead and cast the deciding undelete vote, since this was just Community cleaning up a question with no activity for a year. In the future, a custom moderator flag would also bring this kind ...
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Improving question on championship privilege

I believe you already got your answers in the comments: Sub-question 1 is about games and sports in general, and not in particular about video games. Sub-question 2 is, indeed, a matter of ...
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How can I find a question deleted more than 60 days ago?

No problem! Mods can see your deleted posts from way back. Here's the link to the post in question: Which online games don't require servers and allow players using PC and Mac simultaneously? And ...
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