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Why did so many questions I've answered get bumped to the Arqade homepage recently?

The community user bumps questions that have not gotten much attention; namely, the question is about a month old, its score is not negative, and it has received no upvoted or accepted answers. See ...
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What's the deal with Community bumping obsolete questions? Necromancer bot?

I'm looking for new 'hot' Minecraft questions on the main page Have you considered creating a filter? To address your actual question though: Coming from other sites, like Reddit or forums, there's ...
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Why is the community bot closing questions?

It's because the Community bot... Owns the close vote when an asker agrees with a pending duplicate close vote. - Meta SE FAQ post: Who is the Community user?
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Active Questions and Late Answers

I was browsing Arqade today and saw this question, What are the differences between the Wii and Xbox One/PS4/Switch versions of Just Dance Games?, became active today (1/31/21). The community bot ...
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