The community user bumps questions that have not gotten much attention; namely, the question is about a month old, its score is not negative, and it has received no upvoted or accepted answers. See here for more details.


I'm looking for new 'hot' Minecraft questions on the main page Have you considered creating a filter? To address your actual question though: Coming from other sites, like Reddit or forums, there's a certain mindset that old posts and discussions should be left alone. And that makes sense on those sites, as they are sites that facilitate discussion - the ...


It's because the Community bot... Owns the close vote when an asker agrees with a pending duplicate close vote. - Meta SE FAQ post: Who is the Community user?


I was browsing Arqade today and saw this question, What are the differences between the Wii and Xbox One/PS4/Switch versions of Just Dance Games?, became active today (1/31/21). The community bot will periodically bump old questions without any upvoted answers, provided the question has a positive score. I believe the exact thresholds for bumping vary from ...

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