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Game ads: Tactical Espionage Action Actual game: metal-gear-solid-5-the-phantom-pain


A view of San Francisco Bay from a tiny, rocky island. watch-dogs-2 Photo taken with the in-game camera. There’s nothing on this island but a tree and some shrubs, but I liked the framing the tree provided. In the distance you can see Alcatraz Island and the Golden Gate Bridge.


The luckiest drop I've ever gotten in oldschool-runescape - a 3 Kill count (KC) Corporeal Beast pet drop. This is a 1 in 5000 drop chance. If you don't know the game/boss, this particular drop is a really slow one to grind, because the Corporeal Beast is a slow boss to kill. To get this at such an early KC is quite the accomplishment. As of February 2020, ...


One of my more aesthetically pleasing cities in islanders.


Encountering a Sand Worm on Arrakis osiris-new-dawn


Getting directions in the-stanley-parable


My rocket made of salvage, taking off after restoring the landscape in terra-nil Terra Nil is a relaxing city-builder-esque game about ecosystem reconstruction. You turn desolate, toxic wastelands into thriving, living ecosystems, then - once the ecosystem can get by on it's own - salvage all your buildings to leave the area pristine. It's a free pay as ...


The thumbnail of my most recent stream highlight video: Oh no, I've made a horrible mistake… (Warning: Swearing in that video.) minecraft-java-edition


crusader-kings-3 points at the screen That's the Crusader King (this game has been wild, I started in the Iberian Peninsula, became the primary beneficiary of a crusade for Jerusalem, then again for a crusade for Syria, and now again a crusade for Galicia, the game giving me the option to swap to my dynasty's new king of those regions each time)


half-life-2 is from 2004! It was insane jump in graphics since HL1, and this wall looks good even now:


Killing time during a boring lecture by browsing a Q&A site on your phone. little-busters (originally released in 2007)


The opening sequence of assassins-creed (2007) never ceased to impress me


Getting ready for the psychonauts sequel


final-fantasy-9 released 7 July 2000 (Screenshot taken from PC version released April 14, 2016) That moment when you can't remember what level your characters are on

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