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I believe you are understanding the question properly, and I'm not one of the closures, but I think I've got a pretty decent idea as to why it's closed. When it comes to questions asking for scripting or code, we generally like to know not only what the asker is trying to do, but also how they're trying to do it. This is because when it comes to code, the ...


For me the problem with the linked question lies in the assumption that the OP cannot (make the effort to) decipher the commands, which can and should not be something we as a community have to solve. If things remain unclear, the OP can always ask another question. The crux of the problem - based on the error messages - seems to be addressed in the ...


The thread When does a question "support piracy and pirated games"?, addressing exactly this problem, has an accepted answer. The closing of the question you mention goes against this and the three out of four other upvoted answers, and therefor the general consensus. The problem posed in the question you link is independent of the legitimacy of ...


This is intended. Once you retract a close vote, you cannot cast another vote to close. See this meta post from when close vote retraction was originally implemented.

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