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You can't. A question is closed because it's not a good fit for our site. So if the question cannot be fixed to be acceptable for the site, you cannot answer it .


It's because the Community bot... Owns the close vote when an asker agrees with a pending duplicate close vote. - Meta SE FAQ post: Who is the Community user?


This is due to incorrect rounding. It has been partially fixed, but only for years: Post was closed before it even existed is status-completed. I think your particular case might be the same as this meta SE bug report: Inconsistent rounding of "months ago" which is currently status-deferred - according to JNatā™¦ (Community Manager at SE) there are ...


We have a Code of Conduct that spells out kindness, collaboration and mutual respect as the core tenants. If anyone is being rude, the best thing to do is disengage from the conversation, and flag the comment or post so the mod team can take the appropriate actions. A lack of comments doesn't mean we're being unfriendly Having no-one leave a comment should ...


Closing a question is not and should not be taken as an insult. Voting to close is merely saying that the question does not adhere to guidelines or has been asked before. Take, for example, a question being marked as a duplicate. When something is marked as a duplicate (assuming it was fair) it allows the asker and any readers to be quickly redirected with a ...


Game Identification is a tricky category of question. In most cases, the question cannot be improved to become on-topic, even if an answer is found and an artifact is retroactively provided. The best thing we can do in the vast majority of cases is point people to places that do accept these sorts of questions. I agree with you that a comment with a ...

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