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Are we making new tags for duplicate game names hard(er) to use?

I do not think altering the old tag name is a good idea, as it's far too much work. As I stated in my comment, it's not as simple as altering the tag name in one place, not unless one is a Stack ...
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Do we need the [ultimate-team] tag?

I've also had a quick look and yes, this appears to be a game mode rather than a game and this tag in its current use is ambiguous and inconsistently applied. This tag in my opinion falls under the ...
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Rename tags zerg, terran, and protoss to starcraft-zerg, starcraft-terran, and starcraft-protoss?

I personally think that we should rename them to be starcraft-zerg, starcraft-protoss, and starcraft-terran. The reason being is that all other tags that have subcategories in them, such as Minecraft, ...
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Add prohibition of "name this mechanic/design"-style questions to the tour

I think the tag is just fine as it is. The excerpt mentions that the tag should be used For questions that ask what a gaming-specific term means. Nothing about it mentions labelling a gaming-...
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How to handle multiple games with the same exact name?

I agree with Martin Sojka in appending the year. This is exactly what is currently done on our sister site Science Fiction and Fantasy Stack Exchange: aladdin-1992 vs aladdin-2019 batman-1966 vs ...
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