I think the 10k tools have changed a bit since I last used them, but here's some general advice: There is no pressure to act any differently. You have new tools but you don't need to use them. You shouldn't feel that because you have them, you are expected to use them. You have signed no contract saying you will perform any moderation, you just wrote good ...


I didn't see it mentioned in the other answer, so I figure I would also mention that the Review Queues dropdown also has a "tools" link that'll take you to the 10k tools. Here's a screenshot with the related link circled (freehand and in red, of course):


They stick around forever I'm afraid! Most of the time you shouldn't be too distracted by them since they're always displayed below other posts.


When you are given a privilege based on a certain high reputation level, it means the site expects you to have enough experience to use it properly. But what does the site know? Some users know from day one how to use all of SE's features, and some will never learn. If you are not confident enough that you can properly use the moderator tools, then don't! ...

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