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Use this tag if your meta question is regarding Minecraft questions, answers, tags, or moderation efforts regarding the [minecraft] family of tags

Yes, there are a lot of Minecraft questions. This is just because Minecraft is a popular game, so naturally a lot of people will ask for help. And as you say, most MC questions are out of scope for … Minecraft questions are low quality or duplicates. Most of them are asked by entirely new users who don't know how the site works and probably just found this site somewhere. If you check some of the …
answered Feb 18 by Nzall
There are 3 types of tags beyond the base Minecraft tag here: Core parts of minecraft: things like Redstone, Commands, Resource pack. These are usually quite complicated and a game in themselves to … allows the asker to clearly define what he can and cannot do. 3rd party software and expansions for Minecraft: Feed the Beast, Bukkit, Forge,... These usually change the base experience of Minecraft
answered Aug 7 '18 by Nzall
. then there's CraftBukkit, which is the Minecraft server software with Bukkit baked in. Then there's Spigot, which is CraftBukkit with extra improvements. Based on this summary, my original comparisons … may be a bit wrong, but my conclusion isn't: they're not similar enough to warrant merging the tags. Spigot is a modded minecraft server, while Bukkit is an API to install mods into a minecraft server. …
answered Oct 10 '18 by Nzall