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A bounty is when a user offers a portion of their reputation to be awarded to an answer on a question. They are used to draw in more attention to post. Use this tag for questions you may have about bounties.

once. Daily through Jan 6th, I'll pick the highest voted nomination that I haven't already bountied and bounty it under the "exemplary answer" bounty type. I'll award the bounty as soon as I can … . The answerer gets the bounty plus the "bounty awarded" hat. Before I do something like this, my question is, is this acceptable? I don't want to start something like this without it being reviewed first. If this idea's no good, I'll think of something else to do to get us in the Christmas spirit :) …
asked Dec 18 '11 by agent86
In my opinion, this is a bad question, and I think it overlaps in some ways on several different types of "bad questions." The FAQ reads: You should only ask practical, answerable questions bas …
answered Feb 7 '12 by agent86
Nominations have ended! Those of you who signed up for bounties and were matched have been pinged. Go go go! OMG BOUNTY PROCESS 2012 Last year a bunch of us gave away a bunch of rep and that … reason why as an answer to this question. Vote up answers to this question that you think are deserving of a bounty. On December 17th, we will lock this question. If a nomination (consisting of an …
asked Dec 1 '12 by agent86
When I first saw the HatDash promotion, I thought to myself, that 'Won a Bounty' hat is going to be tough for people to get. Yesterday, while I was contemplating how I could combine HATS and the … HOLIDAY SPIRIT, the two things clicked in my brain, and this crazy idea was born. IT'S THE 2011 HOLIDAY BOUNTY GIVEAWAY. Here are the rules: Keep your eyes peeled for underrated answers to questions …
asked Dec 18 '11 by agent86
I would like to nominate Mark Trapp for his excellent answer to my relatively noobish question about Redstone. The first pass at the question got closed due to the fact that the question was determin …
answered Dec 19 '11 by agent86
I further nominate Dave DuPlantis, who when asked if there were trains in Saints Row 3, did a complete circuit of the train tracks in the game to prove his theory that there weren't any that ran the t …
answered Dec 19 '11 by agent86