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use this tag for support with the answering system, to discuss community policies affecting answers and the way they are written, or to discuss a particular answer.

other possibilities. Raise the overall accuracy level It should go without saying that a correct answer is more helpful than an incorrect one. There are plenty of entirely inaccurate answers
answered Jan 9 '12 by agent86
The short answer is that it's rare that adding multiple answers makes sense, but there are corner cases where it could be of use. There's a good thread on MSO about this particular feature, here's a … short summary: You should post multiple answers if they are unrelated and they are too long to be in the same post or they are superficially similar, so having them in the same answer …
answered Jul 4 '12 by agent86
I've provided a lot of answers, and I've gotten a lot of votes. I tend to prefer to provide relevant context in my answers. I'm also a fan of creating an answer that stands alone and completely … my skills as a communicator, and demonstrates my (hopefully infectious) enthusiasm for a subject to others. The system doesn't do a great job of always incenting detailed answers, despite the fact …
answered Aug 20 '14 by agent86
agree with the statement I made, and people reading the answer can know that I believe it to be outdated. I think, in general, that the community is best served when we collaborate on answers via … original owner would get pinged if a "please update this" comment was left. I've also had people react aggressively or defensively when I've added additional data to their answers in the past, which …
answered Feb 2 '14 by agent86
This is actually a feature, apparently! I have, however, unprotected the question if you'd like to try again. Try to actually post an answer, though, unlike practically everyone else who posts on a …
answered Oct 1 '12 by agent86
others that are secondarily important: A willingness to revisit answers over time so that they don't become stale. A willingness to accept that a better answer may come along later. These are … improve answers. They are not guaranteed to, but in most cases they do. However, as a criteria for judging answers, I find this problematic. How do we evaluate this? Should each answerer be …
answered Feb 6 '12 by agent86
which answers the question as asked, but doesn't provide a solution to the problem the asker is facing. It's possible to ask a better question (see here for my thoughts on that subject), but it's … also possible to look past the specific thing being asked - the non-expert question - and find the underlying problem. When it's possible to provide an answer that answers the question, but also looks …
answered Mar 6 '13 by agent86