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story still doesn't mean different things in different games
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The Great Gaming Stack Exchange Clean-Up of 2012

Let's Get This Party Started

Considering the positive response to Oak's meta, I think it's about time we begun a clean-up similar to the one happening at Stack Overflow. I've excluded Type 6 from Oak's meta, tags which mean roughly the same thing in different games, but are otherwise very unlikely to be used as filters by themselves, since there is still some dispute about whether this tags should be deleted. There are plenty of other tags to clean-up so we can have separate discussion about those types of tags after we've managed to clean-up the other type of tags.

  • If a tag is clearly burnable, please add it. For those tags in the gray area, please post an answer asking for it to be added to the list, and why. We'll just the net score to decided if it should be.
  • If there is a tag on the list you don't think should be deleted, please put a note next to the tag in this question saying it's 'Disputed', and post an answer saying why you think it should stay. We'll use the net score to determine if we should save it.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid clogging up the front page. We don't want to completely destroy the front page while doing this.
  • Don't just delete the tag from the question and ignore everything else. If a question also has grammatical errors, terrible title, et cetera, then fix it along with removing the tag.
  • If a question should be closed, then cast a close vote (or flag it if you can't cast votes). Make sure to share the question in The Bridge so it will get enough close votes.
  • If you come across a closed question, and you're >10k then cast a delete vote on it (assuming it's not a duplicate).

I've divided the tags into two main categories:

Tags to Delete

We don't want these tags, just burn them. If during the process of burning these tags you notice that most of them are all attached to questions about one game (i.e. 10/13 questions tagged with is also tagged with ), then just delete the tag from the questions not tagged with that game, and flag one of the remaining ones for moderator attention. The mods will then merge the game tag and the tag to be burned, allowing for us to quickly and silently destroy a bunch of tags. When flagging for a mod make sure you tell them which tags to merge.

When you begin deleting a tag you should edit their Tag Wiki Excerpt to contain the following message:

DO NOT USE - Removed as part of "The great Gaming Stack Exchange clean-up of 2012" - See link in Tag Wiki for more information.

And then put this in the Tag Wiki:

DO NOT USE - Removed as part of [The Great Gaming Stack Exchange Clean-Up of 2012](http://meta.gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/4758/the-great-gaming-stack-exchange-clean-up-of-2012)

Tags to Fix

These tags are either inconsistently used, or we've decided to change how they are used. Retag questions accordingly, and modify the tag wiki if necessary.

When these tags have been cleaned-up add them to the Cleaned section at the bottom of the post so no one else spends time looking through them.

Okay folks, let the clean-up begin. turtle shades

Tags to Delete

Meta Tags

Tags describing the question, and not the problem:

Type 3

Tags which mean different things from game-to-game (remove):


  • — Leave questions with this tag alone if you're not sure what game the question is about. Just leave a comment, or ask someone in chat.

Tags to Fix

Platform Tags

Follow the guidelines laid out by LessPopMoreAwesome's meta post. Keep in mind that many of these posts will need a bit of editing or cleanup to include things like platform specific constraints.


  • - 114 - Widely used as a meta tag. Most questions currently tagged with this should either have the tagged removed, or re-tagged with the name of the DLC.


  • - 14 - All qs detagged
  • - 2 - Both questions detagged
  • - 29 - Tag removed from all qs
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