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Other issues I'm seeing on the active bounty list include;

  • Very difficult questions on obscure games or technologies. This means one or two other people may have played that game on the site, but it generally takes a larger community to tackle the tough questions. (example)
  • Unanswerable questions because the ability to measure or determine the answer without being a developer on the game is exceedingly challenging.
  • Stephen's answer to confusing (example)
  • Bad questions: Too localized, not enough information, not reproducible. For bug-related questions, these would be closed in bug-tracking software. (example)
  • The not-enough-award-for-a-very-challenging-question dilemma. Without precise character modelling for example, this (example) becomes a nightmare to figure out.

So what is the solution? Well this site has a very good answer to question ratio, people aren't incited by bounties so easily in my opinion as other sites simply because if they can't answer it without a bounty, they can't answer it with a bounty either.

Perhaps the bounty system doesn't work very well on this site for "questions that didn't receive enough attention". I find bounties more interesting for questions that are already answered but could;

  • Use a more well thought out answer, with images, almost like a mini strategy guide or
  • Questions with answers that are no longer correct because of game patches. A bountry draws attention to a question that is significantly different because of a patch in order to prevent a duplicate question from being asked.