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How will we handle spoiler alerts? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do we behave with questions/answers that reveal spoiler? I am truly hoping that we will become a large community of gamers that are happy to share knowledge amongst their ...
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How do we behave with questions/answers that reveal spoilers?

For games, like movies or books, one of the worst things that can happen to you is that they spoil details of the story or even the finale. How do we behave with questions/answers that reveal ...
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Tagging Suggestions

I think tagging on this site can get out of control very fast. I propose we use the method started by Math Overflow and precede game names with their acronym followed by a dot. This helps the search ...
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Should we allow poll questions?

Like this one? Or should them be closed? EDIT: This question was deemed of topic in the definition phase, and it's very similar, so I voted to close
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Suggest a domain name for this site [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Write an Elevator Pitch / Tagline Possible Duplicate: Last Chance — Top domain name: Speak now or forever hold your peace. Note: We are closing this domain ...

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