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Everyone with an account on the site is considered a user. This tag may be used to asked questions about users (as in users in general and not specific users).

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How do OP cards exist in meta but not in main site?

When I asked this question I didn't have an OP card and my comment also didn't have it: But in meta posts like this the OP cards exist: In comments: Why is there this difference between our meta ...
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How can I negotiate with this "angry" user?

There was a user who's answer I unaccepted, who went and randomly downvoted one of my answers. I know that they were the one who did it, because: I can see the change to their rep One of the most-...
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Are there any users from Mojang on Arqade?

I found a user named notch on Arqade and I think it might be a fake. But it got me thinking: are there any users on this site that are a part of Mojang studios?
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Should we change inappropriate nicknames?

To my knowledge (reading documents) there is no regulation to inapproprate nicknames and reporting and enforcement. Recently on I came across this person with the name "poop shitter" and although it ...
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How can I contact someone without using chatty comments?

How can I contact someone without using chatty comments? I see no way to do this.
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Can I find out why a user got deleted?

Very recently (a few hours ago), I got a reputation change of -22 reputation because a user (or more users) got removed. It seems I had edited 11 posts that just got deleted. 22 reputation isn't much, ...
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People who comment or action questions when they don't play the games themselves

A user made a comment on an Overwatch question, a game he clearly doesn't play: Also, this information is freely available, in game, where the player can freely view all hero audios. A clear ...
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What does this user icon mean?

I have seen this icon a few times, and I just assumed it was a user that no longer had an account. But then I saw this question which was asked only 10 minutes before I asked this one. What's the ...
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Can abandoned questions be transferred to new owners for answer acceptance? [duplicate]

I have noticed many questions that have had perfectly good answers for many weeks, but the asker either seems to ignore them, or signed up just to ask one question and then left, never coming back. Is ...
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When clicking "next" on the users page, filters aren't preserved

When clicking on the "next" button at the bottom of the users page, to go to the next page of users, the filters aren't preserved. Steps to reproduce: Go to the users page at http://gaming....
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How tags associated to users are chosen?

I was looking at User main page and I saw that there is a set of three tags associated to each user name. I am wondering how these tags are chosen, how does the algorithm work?
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