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How am I supposed to know that this post is locked when there is no mention of it anywhere?

I found this post today that obviously didn't belong on Arqade meta, so I was going to downvote and voted to delete as it was already closed. However, when I clicked the downvote button, it said I ...
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What happened to the alien-space-ship button?

I noticed that the ask question button is no longer on the alien space ship, but now a boring old button. Further, the ship doesn't even shoot lasers when I mouse over it. I couldn't find anything ...
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So, I just posted a long meta answer. It was the first interaction I've had with an SE website (other than loading pages), in about 9 hours. I was already logged in via cookie. I have over 45,000 ...
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There's no [about] link at the top

The site exists at, but there's no link to it.
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Move the "hide ignored tags" option to the main page

On this site, whenever a new prominent game comes out, the main page is spammed with questions tagged with that game. Occasionally new users complain about this, because they don't know how to hide ...
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Use widescreen for embedded YouTube videos

For embedded YouTube videos, can the player be 16:9 instead of 4:3? Most video game videos will be in this aspect ratio nowadays. And it takes no additional screen real-estate: if you just make the ...
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Why favorite tags' excerpts and information won't expand?

When you're on the main page, your favorite tags (on the right column) won't show their excerpt or subscribing link, while the tags appearing under the questions will. This is not narrowed to the ...
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Should the Blog link replace the Chat link?

I noticed today that the Gaming.SE Blog seems to have staged a coup, overthrew, and finally usurped the Chat from its position along the page header. Is there any reason why we've prioritized the one ...
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2 answers

Incorrect count of featured questions

The featured questions page seems to display only 3 of 4 questions with a bounty. The screenshot says it all: Is there an explanation for this?
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Active tab is not highlighted on both parent and meta

On IE8 active tab (such as Questions, Tags, Users etc) is not highlighted. So you can't tell where you are unless you read the URL or the text below the tabs (which I always find myself too lazy to do,...
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Any news about our launch? (When do I get my shiny coin-badges?)

I like the coin-badges. :D More seriously, I presume we passed, especially because: Jin was working on "finalizing" the design, until we find all the problems with it. Area 51 says "This site is ...
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Design Ideas for Gaming Site (updated with screenshots v2)

Hi all. I'm Jin and I'll be working on the designs for the Stack Exchange sites as they graduate from the beta phase. Each site will have its own unique theme that will reflects its topic. However, ...
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