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Use this tag to request a post be undeleted. Ideally, provide some reasoning as to why a post should be undeleted.

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Undelete request

Coincidentally, I became re-interested in an unanswered question just as it was automatically deleted (for inactivity, I assume). It’s here:
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Undeletion request, question deleted by user after receiving an answer

I answered this question yesterday, Can Zarya block Tracer's ultimate after being stuck?, which was then deleted by its owner. I can't see any reason why it might've been deleted, and it seems a ...
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Undeletion Request

I was hoping that I could get this question about an audio issue in thief undeleted. At the time I hadn't gotten any answers so I decided to play another game instead, but recently I wanted to pick ...
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'Too Localised' is no longer a valid close reason, can we review these two popular Diablo 3 posts that were closed as such?

TL;DR: Two highly-voted questions by high-rep users appear to have been deleted for reasons we do not accept as valid close reasons, anymore. Can we reopen them with a disclaimer that they apply to ...
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Can the question "How do critical hits and misses work in Illyriad?" be undeleted?

The Community user deleted this question: on the grounds that it is an "abandoned question". I don't ...
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