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Should questions that are too specific go unanswered?

My question is about questions that only really help one person. I answered this question and I am not sure if I should have. He has an attempted Minecraft command, showing he was trying. The ...
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Can abandoned questions be transferred to new owners for answer acceptance? [duplicate]

I have noticed many questions that have had perfectly good answers for many weeks, but the asker either seems to ignore them, or signed up just to ask one question and then left, never coming back. Is ...
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Why are answered questions appearing in the unanswered question tab?

I checked in the unanswered tab on the main site recently to see if there was anything I might be able to answer and saw that many of the quests had answers and had accepted and answer. Why are these ...
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Should we make an effort to reduce unanswered questions?

Our rate of unanswered questions is quite low, but it could still be better. Looking through some of the top voted questions that are still unanswered, a number of them fit this pattern "Is there a ...
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