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Primarily for questions about Arqade's twitter bot account.

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Links to mobile.twitter URL's don't Onebox in chat

URL links to tweets embed nicely in a nice chat onebox that provides the text of the tweet. It's awesome. But when the URL is for twitters mobile site, such as
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Our Twitter profile's icon is not high enough quality

Our Twitter profile image is a bit blurry. Looks like a bad scale operation, can we have a crisper one?
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Killing the robot in our Twitter account [closed]

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are testing out using @StackGaming @TheArqade manually. Until very recently, @TheArqade was only used to autotweet questions from our site, but we think that ...
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Twitter list of Gaming.SE users

I'm planning to assemble a Twitter list of Gaming.SE users from @StackGaming, and just wanted to give a little information about the purpose and process. Purpose of the list: The purpose of the list ...
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Twitter user StackGaming needs some common sense [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Setting priority for Twitter #hashtags from question tags Make a special tag class for "game tags". Allow tags to be blacklisted specifically from appearing in the ...
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Can the blog contain links to the twitter accounts somewhere

Can the blog contain a follow me or similar twitter link for the @StackGaming twitter account or the proposed account from this question etc i think it would be a neat addition and useful ...
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16 votes
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Twitter account for

I've been seeing the statistics for gaming blog this evening. It seems that all visitors come from chat rooms. (And some today since Rebecca has been announcing it all day :D) Would ...
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