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For questions regarding tag wikis and excerpts - these little info boxes describing tags that you're reading right now!

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How should I write tag wikis?

We've recently instigated a discussion about cleaning up tags, following on from last year's tag cleanup. You can see it here. While there is more to Arqade than just the tags we have, let's stick on ...
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Top tags requiring a tag wiki

Tag wikis are now prominently shown on hover and when tagging a question -- all the more reason to at least write their excerpts down! If you consider yourself knowledgeable about a game, please ...
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Could tag wiki reviewers please check for plagiarism?

This is primarily a PSA to get users to be sure that tag wiki content is not plagiarized. The fact that only 20k+ users can edit tag wikis without being reviewed first carries quite a bit of weight ...
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Could we have the preferred tag wiki format indicated to suggesting users?

Related: How should I write tag wikis? Currently, there is no easy way to find the community's preferred tag wiki format apart from specifically searching meta for it. The sidebar has a link to the ...
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What does a game tag wiki excerpt need to explain? [duplicate]

I have some extra time today, so I've been adding tag wikis for tags that simply don't have any. All of them have been approved overall, but one received a reject vote: word-hero excerpt. The ...
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How do we prefer to start our tag wikis?

There's two general approaches to how one starts a Tag Wiki Excerpt. The Dictionary Method, in which we obviously believe you know what the word you're looking at is, so we don't repeat it. We just ...
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Tag wiki edit suggestion rejection is rather rude/impersonal

Yesterday I tried to create tag wikis for super-smash-bros-melee and super-smash-bros-brawl. Today I found the super-smash-bros-n64 tag (funny name by the way, that's why I didn't find it at the same ...
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Is it OK to copy game descriptions from Wikipedia for new tag wikis?

Is it okay to start a tag wiki for a video game by copying & pasting text from the Wikipedia article on that game? Do we need to put a link back to the Wikipedia article at the end to indicate ...
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Is it allowed to add the logo of the corresponding game to tagwiki's?

Just as the title says, is it allowed to add the logo of the corresponding game to tagwiki's? For example, I just edited the tagwiki roller-coaster-tycoon-3 and added the logo of the game at it.
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2 answers

Are my tag edit privileges revoked?

When I go to attempt to edit a tag wiki, it redirects me to this page: The tag definitely isn't deleted and it's also not a post as this words it. What is going on?
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4 answers

What do we think about maintaining a site list of covered/tagged games?

Talk about a radical suggestion coming from the least likely of candidates! Read me out, if you will, because this actually has nothing to do with the Rec Wars. While addressing this question ...
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2 answers

Adjusting the Game Identification off-topic reason to call for credible references

Since this happened, and the voting for questions of that kind is erratic, can we please just adjust the description of the off-topic rule for game-identification? Currently this is Game-...
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Should spoilers in tag wikis be edited out?

While viewing the information on the Resident Evil 5 tag I noticed that the details contain what is potentially a spoiler (the bit about Jill). Now arguably, in this instance, it may not be such a ...
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Overwatch heroes on the tag wiki

I was reading some of the overwatch questions and decided to look at the tag wiki to find out more about the game, specifically the characters, I noticed that on the wikipedia page the characters are ...
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