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indicates tags that do not accurately represent the game, console or other topic area, and gives an alternate tag name that should be used instead.

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Tag editing request: [tag:flashflashrevolution] -> [tag:flash-flash-revolution]

The name of the game contains spaces (see the copyright thingy on there bottom of here), therefore there should be hyphens in the tag to make it more readable. flashflashrevolution -> flash-flash-...
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How should all the GTA IV spin-offs, re-releases and 'complete editions' be tagged?

With the upcoming (re)release of Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition for PC on March 19, 2020, there will be 5 different releases for GTA IV and their side stories: GTA IV Standalone Game PS3, Xbox ...
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Rename [gears-of-war-5] to [gears-5]

There are a few gears-of-war-5 questions posted, and there was one gears-5 question, but I think it may have been deleted and the tag died off. The game is officially called "Gears 5" as indicated ...
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Tag merge & synonym request: Use official titles for Grand Theft Auto series and Saints Row IV tags

As per community consensus at the meta post: Should we standardize our tag formatting regarding Arabic vs. Roman numerals? - the official spelling of the game title should be used in the tags whenever ...
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Rename [tf2-*] → [team-fortress-2-*]

We have a number of Team Fortress 2 tags*, which were created during the era of 25 character tag names. Now that we have a 35 character limit for tag names, I recommend we rename the following tags: ...
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