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Questions tagged [tag-blocklist-request]

tags can be added to the site's blocklist in order to prevent them being created. This is a drastic step and used sparingly; ensure your request is backed by evidence of the tag's problematic nature, including a history of being recreated and any prior or ongoing community efforts to remove the tag manually. Once your request receives community support, moderators will add [status-review] to have this actioned by a Community Moderator.

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32 votes
4 answers

Should we add [minecraft] to the tag blacklist?

Last month, we completed a big tag cleanup of the Minecraft tag family. A big part of this cleanup was the removal of minecraft in favor of version specific tags like minecraft-java-edition and ...
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-3 votes
1 answer

Please, blacklist the bugs tags

Today, couple of hours prior, the bugs tag was feed to Trogdor our favorite... dinosaur? (I'm not sure what he is) Well, through the span of some hours, appeared again, and raging, and was horrible, ...
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