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Tag badges are badges you earn for demonstrating knowledge for a specific tag.

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The taxonomist badge hasn’t been awarded since 2021

I created The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom tag. Recently that tag crossed the 50 question mark so I would have expected to be rewarded another taxonomist badge but was not. After doing some ...
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Tag badges got refreshed just for me?

I only have two bronze tag badges, which were earned long ago. But a couple of minutes ago, I just received a notification stating that I just earned these badges. zelda-skyward-sword https://gaming....
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What is going on with my tag badge tracking statistics?

I was fiddling around with my tracking stats under my user summary, and here is what my fallout-4 tag shows as my progress: However, this doesn't correspond to both my tag score and when I click the ...
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When does a tag badge become trackable?

With a recent answer that was well received that I posted, I (at time of posting) have gained a score of 63 for the atari-2600, gaming-history, and e.t.-extra-terrestrial tags. Currently, that makes ...
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Can we change the criteria for tag badges?

What is a tag badge? A tag badge is a badge you receive when you obtain a specific score for a tag, subject to meeting a minimum number of answers in the tag. You can earn a bronze, silver and gold ...
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Requirements text for gold tag badges is inconsistent?

The text on earing a tag badge from the badges page states: You must have a total score of 1000 in at least 200 non-community wiki answers to achieve this badge. That is the correct requirement ...
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Missing tag badge

If you check the tag page for team-fortress-2, you'll notice that I'm the top answerer for this tag. However, despite having 129 upvotes across 20 non-community wiki answers (it was 134 across 21, ...
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Are golden tag badges broken?

Now I don't mean to complain, but I was curious if perhaps the feature was not working. According to the tag badge page golden tag badges are awarded for 1000 upvotes in a given tag (not counting ...
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