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Questions tagged [status-murdered]

This tag is used for things that have been murdered in the dead of the night.

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28 votes
0 answers

A Terrible Mod Announcement

The time has come for me to step down as a moderator of this site. I love this place and the community we've built up around it, but unfortunately my other responsibilities leave me with too little ...
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  • 21.1k
18 votes
5 answers

Spoiler alert: [spoiler] dies

Technically, does that count as putting a tag in the title? ♪ I mean, beyond the actual literal tag in the title. Jeff consulted me to bring up this subject on Meta in advance. spoiler is, by many ...
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  • 24.7k
16 votes
2 answers

Whither [Murder]?

Where did the murder tag go? It appears to have been, well, murdered, silently, in the night, with no record of the deletion in the edits of any of the existing questions. :(
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7 votes
1 answer

2k+ flags... 51 useful?

Is something going wrong here? Maybe 51 of my flags were not useful?
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  • 53.2k
7 votes
1 answer

Request for Tag Burnination: [Review]

review There is no good reason for this to ever be used, given the scope of our site and the rules outlined by our FAQ. Looking at the questions it's currently applied to, one is spam, one is closed, ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Is there any reason to keep the secret tag around?

The secret tag doesn't seem to provide any useful information. Plus, once we discuss them in detail on the site, they don't exactly fit the description "secret" any more. It seems like another one of ...
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