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For questions about spoiler markup to hide potential spoilers in game lore and story. Inserted using ">!" in Markdown.

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Of spoilers, plot twists and our mission

Given that: we could conclude that: ...and thus: My question is:
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Provide a markdown extension to hide text (anti spoiler)

Cool it has been implemented. Most of my text would not be spoilers but there may be a small part of my question which may mention something that could be a spoiler. It would be great if I could ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Is editing a question to use the Spoiler format acceptable?

I have unfortunately on multiple occasions seen answer or questions that i clicked on because i liked the game and ended up seeing a spoiler. Is it bad to edit these posts with spoiler markup so that ...
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Should answers on questions that ask for spoiler information be put in spoiler markup or not?

Note: I'm asking about spoiler markup on answers, not questions. I would like to start a discussion on this due to the recent number of spoiler answers on plot-related questions that ask for spoiler ...
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How do we behave with questions/answers that reveal spoilers?

For games, like movies or books, one of the worst things that can happen to you is that they spoil details of the story or even the finale. How do we behave with questions/answers that reveal ...
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3 votes
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Proper usage of spoiler tag?

It's been noted that spoiler tags should be used only(?) when the titles contain spoilers, but I'm noticing that the tag is also being used to note that there are spoilers in the content of the ...
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Make the [spoiler] tag ignored by default, even for anonymous users

That's what it says on the tin, although chances are spoilers are to be expected throughout the website really. This can make for a useful inbuilt spoiler warning: Alternatively, the spoiler tag ...
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"Spoiler" issues in editing

When I'm writing a question or answer that contains plot points or secrets, I add... However, when it comes to an extensive answer, all of which is a spoiler, I either need to add breaks between the ...
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Should text with the spoiler markdown appear in question summaries?

I noticed that if a question uses the >! spoiler markdown within the first 200 characters, then the "hidden" text will still appear in the question summary that is displayed in search results. For ...
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Can we improve the current way spoilers are written?

I've noticed that when hovering over a question/answer with spoilers, the text displayed will instantly pop up, and will give no warning of "spoilers" until you hover over it. Can we implement a ...
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