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Close-reopen war on "Where do the plastic boxes for screw containers come from?"

Where do the plastic boxes for screw containers come from? This is a game lore question - asking if devs mentioned explanation for the presence of plastic bags for screws, long before plastic is ...
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Should the "upgrading Nintendo Switch microSD storage" question be reopened?

This is about the currently closed question: What should I look for when upgrading Nintendo Switch microSD storage? It had been left closed in the reopen review queue. I don't think the above question ...
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Does the media included in the "Naruto fighting game with Hulk and Homer Simpson?" question comply with our game identification policy?

This is about the game-identification question: Naruto fighting game with Hulk and Homer Simpson? According to our game identification policy - What are the requirements for asking a game ...
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Should we add a platform tag?

This question was just asked: Can I download GPS so I can play Pokémon go?. It's actually a question about the platform, not the game. Therefore, it would make sense to add a platform tag. I don't ...
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Can the tag needed for my mis-tagged question be created?

I just posted this question. It should be tagged warlords-battlecry-2, but the tag doesn't yet exist and I lack the rep to create it. Would someone with 300+ rep mind creating the tag and applying ...
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Closed question about looking to play the unique cars only available in the different demo versions of a game — Can it be reopened?

This is about this currently closed question: I'm looking to play with the unique R/C cars only available in the demo versions — How can I do this? From reading the question as originally posted ...
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Should the "Which games use a neural network to influence gameplay?" question be reopened?

Recently, the question, Which games use a neural network to influence game play? was closed as an off-topic game identification question and left closed in the Reopen review queue. Should it be ...
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Are questions about game specific bugs off topic?

I frequent the destiny tag, and while browsing recent questions I came across I was going to flag it ...
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Is this a list question?

A somewhat continuation of this question and this argument we had on The Bridge. I've been trying to ask this question on Gaming.SE. Apparently though, everyone else on Arqade seems to disagree with ...
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