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deliberately creating questions (sometimes multiple) with the intention of being 'first', to fill a gap in the site, or to act as a single source for other questions, is known as 'seeding'. For sharing your knowledge Q&A style, use [self-answer] instead.

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Are speedrunning techniques and strategies on-topic here?

I recently started learning how to speedrun Super Metroid. There are lots of YouTube and Twitch videos for specific, well-known strats (e.g. short-charging, Kraid quick-kill, etc.), but I see many ...
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Is there a threshold to asking questions to seed questions?

After reading this meta thread about seeding questions I decided to ask a few questions that were roaming in my mind for a few days... and I felt bad for asking them all at once when they were ...
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Should we intentionally seed questions for new games?

This is pretty much a follow up question to my previous one about my impression that we're not getting as many questions about new games as we used to. The main reason I propose this, and also the ...
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What does "seeding questions" mean?

Ultimately spurred by this comment by kalina, I think that I've encountered the term before lightly, and I'm able to find multiple instances of its use on StackExchange. In this case, it was used as a ...
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Should I ask seed questions involving problems I've never experienced?

I seeded this question (10K only link), involving the "You did not earn a trophy" message on the PS3, which was deleted on the grounds that I never experienced this problem. This was intended as a ...
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What do you think about seed questions for upcoming (unreleased) games?

Related So I recently tried a seed question as an experiment for Diablo 3, which is obviously going to be a super popular game. The problem was the question couldn't be answered yet at this time ...
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Should we Link to Content or Contain content?

There have been a number of '[Game] [Craft/Class] Guide questions' today. While I think it'd be appropriate for those questions to be asked organically, I have an issue with the intentional 'seeding' ...
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Seeding the site

I'm having a small issue on how the site should be seeded. I recently asked a "seed" question: How do I get the cake in Portal? Obviously I know the answer but it seems like the type of question ...
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What to do with class based questions? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What should we do about excessive content “seeding”? Currently there's a bunch of questions on classes for LOTR:O and WoW Now I truly believe there is valuable ...
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What should we do about excessive content "seeding"?

I want to believe the user is genuinely trying to generate content. However, I don't like it. What does everybody else think?
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