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Questions are the basis of all SE sites. To ask one, use the button in the top right of the main content area. Use this tag if you have a question about questions and how they should be asked. If your question is more so about what are allowed questions, use the [allowed-questions] tag.

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Disable the "question with the same title" filter on Arqade

When trying to ask What does Luck do in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2? I found there was already a question titled "What does luck do?" No biggie, it was a completely different game (tag based ...
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Make the 'Related' sidebar links prioritize questions matching *all* tags

Although SE in general considers tags to be equal, we have some tags (like achievements) that are usually only valid when paired with another tag for a particular game or series. However, the code for ...
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Why was this question's title reverted to be in the '[tag] - [question title]' format?

This is regarding this question which is currently titled: MU online - are there accumulated benefits to raising stamina early in the game for high HP? I have previously changed the title of the ...
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Can we add detection of Minecraft Bedrock Edition's NBT questions to the question asking process?

Can individual sites add features to the question asking procedure? If yes, could Gaming SE add a way to detect NBT questions in Minecraft Bedrock Edition and then ask the user whether How do you add ...
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Should I ask the same question across multiple games or one question to cover all the games?

There is a couple of questions I want to post: When/where is the earliest I can catch a low level female Ralts? How many Unlocker Subchips do I need unlock all Purple Mystery Data? Both of these ...
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Question with big "EDIT:" in the body. What should be done in this case?

I recently found this question that has a big EDIT: area in the body, where the OP says something that should be a comment on the accepted answer and asks a completely separate question. What should ...
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Is there a difference between hacking and edging your chances?

If a user asks us about a way to better his/her abilities in a game do we flag it or answer it. For example: If the user wanted a way to increase their FOV in a game which would increase their ...
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