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Refers to the feature of being able to protect a question, which limits new/low reputation users from answering (typically to prevent spam or low quality answers).

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Why are some posts marked as highly active and others are not?

I came across a question while I was browsing the main section of Arqade which was classified as a highly active question: Why are pokemon stacked on top of each other whenever I start? I am a little ...
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What makes a Question worthy of "Protection"?

I'm merely asking out of curiosity, but what decides whether a question gets protected or not? Is it votes? Content? (Though that could be argued - by extension; votes) or is it a Mod choice?
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Why are posts protected by Community? [duplicate]

I just saw this post: How do I prevent Tiny Death Star from crashing when trying to collect an imperial items reward? It doesn't seem like a really important post, why the need to protect it?
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What causes the 'Community' user to protect questions?

When does a question qualify for the community or a mod to protect it from "thanks" and "me too" comments? It didn't seem to have to do with views or votes.
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Can we protect this question?

The question, Why are my carrots and potatoes popping out of the ground, seems to be attracting a lot of anecdotal/duplicate answers from new users as of late, most of which would serve their purpose ...
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Should this question be protected?

This question, How do I make a lot of money efficiently? has 30k views, and two great answers, but is starting to attract a lot of one-liner/short answers from new users. There's nothing wrong with ...
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How did a new user with 1 rep bypass "Protected"?

This question: What determines the characters in the end? protected by LessPop_MoreFizz 10 hours ago This question is protected to prevent "thanks!", "me too!", or spam answers by ...
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