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for questions about the new user experience & how to improve upon it. If you're a new user, try tagging with what it is you are trying to do instead, such as [asking], [answering], [allowed-questions] or [editing].

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51 votes
5 answers

What about the new user experience here is turning people away?

This is a case of straw that broke the camels back, in general I have found the community here to be very unwelcoming compared to other SE communities and the restrictions on question types seem ...
11 votes
3 answers

What are new users supposed to do when their question has already been asked but not answered?

A user asked a duplicate question today because he had no comment privileges to annotate his issues into the original. Normally such a user would be directed to chat, except brand new users cannot ...
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41 votes
3 answers

What to do with Pokémon Go questions where askers mistake us for Niantic support?

With the Pokémon hype, we're seeing a lot of new users finding their way to our Q&A site. Unfortunately, this means a lot of low level questions: Duplications Error related questions (i.e. ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Add a redirect from to

I'm fairly new to this site, and whenever I'm talking about the site I call it 'Arqade'. A lot of times I will type into the address bar, but I get a message that it couldn't ...
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18 votes
3 answers

Communicating with new users who ask a Duplicate Question

I did some digging through older topics and didn't see this one so I hope I'm not missing something. Over the past few days, I've been clicking on duplicate topics and noticed that a lot of them are ...
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15 votes
1 answer

I seem to have painted a target on my back

So we've had a new user come through with some bad grammar and some poorly worded answers. No biggie, it happens. I edited 3-4 of his posts, noticed they were all from the same user and mentioned on ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Please don't discourage new users from using this site

Don't discourage strange or odd new users to use this site. I saw this question with a score of -8 and closed. (I've edited it recently) It was asking about filling some hotel rooms using cheats, ...
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2 votes
4 answers

Plethora of non-answer answers

Recently I've noticed a lot of users posting answers that, well, aren't answers. Examples here, here, here, and here. All of these have already been commented on that they're not appropriate. Two ...
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