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Insert Coin, Feed Beast:

This is a formal notification of our commmunity FTB (Ultimate) Minecraft server. It is a whitelisted server, so if you want access ping @fredley or @RonanForman in chat. If you can't for some reason, ...
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Should we deliver the final blow of the Bedrock NBT question split?

It's been a while, but I'd like to revisit the movement we made of splitting the MCBE NBT question into multiple questions for each possible workaround. We made a plan for retargeting duplicates, ...
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How should Minecraft Java Edition command questions be answered concerning versions?

Issue How should versions for Minecraft Java Edition be handled? The current agreement, concluded at the time of 1.13, is that the answer should have separated areas or multiple answers. The issue for ...
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Can we add detection of Minecraft Bedrock Edition's NBT questions to the question asking process?

Can individual sites add features to the question asking procedure? If yes, could Gaming SE add a way to detect NBT questions in Minecraft Bedrock Edition and then ask the user whether How do you add ...
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What is the problem with my question about sand generators in Minecraft 1.7.10?

I have asked a question about sand generators recently, asking for a design of a sand duplicator that still works in 1.7.10. However, I got a rather negative reaction, and I think that it is going ...
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Should we make a canonical for how to set up data packs?

Minecraft's data pack system allows for the creation of complex command systems that can accomplish more than normal command blocks can. It also allows for the setup of loot tables, predicates, and ...
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Should there be a "my long Minecraft command isn't working" FAQ?

(Link per word) There are many questions on gaming.SE where someone just didn't reduce the command's complexity to see what's wrong with it, but instead dumped it into this site, hoping that someone ...
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Minecraft Version Stated In Questions/Answers

I know this is my 3rd post here in a few days but I think this could also help things get closer to this agreement. Right now whenever question about Minecraft Java is posted the version is implied if ...
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All [minecraft-mods] are [mods]

@Penguin asked this question on the meta and I answered it, where I specified this: But should we burninate minecraft-mods in favor of mods? It would depend on the community, to be honest. Then @...