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What is the policy for a good question, but where the given use case violates a EULA? [duplicate]

This question asks how to make a custom durability for items in Minecraft. Which itself is a completely ok question, until you get to this part: For example, on my vanilla server, donors get an ...
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issue regarding "Unrelease game" in public beta versus legal implications

A meta post I seen a while ago argued that a question should not be closed in regards to asking about a game that has not been released, if the game in question is accessible. This mostly concerned ...
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Why must users be at least 13 years old to be a Stack Exchange user?

I was looking through the "legal" page (because of my last question, a link) and saw something stating that a participant must be at least 13 years of age. Out of curiosity, why? This has been bugging ...
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Is it okay to build Arqade in Minecraft?

I'm building a replica of this site in Minecraft. I need to know if I'm wasting my time. I would like to put a video of it on YouTube. Before you say to yourself, "But you can't build a website in ...
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Is it okay to use the Name of this site in a Clan?

With the chatroom Summoners Rift being reopened, the small (and growing) amount of users that play League now have a place to hang out and chat etc. We often play together for fun and now we've found ...
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How to handle requests for help bypassing a VPS/website block in order to play games?

This question was closed because a user requested help in bypassing a school-imposed lockout in order to play a game. While the OP insinuated that the request is for finding alternative sites, such a ...
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What can we do about other sites scraping from us?

I was trying to improve upon my answer to this question using google to see if an official response from Blizzard was available. Googling turned up pages upon pages of scapings. Exact clones of my ...
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Are full copies of game manuals offered for download legal?

In this question a user states they own the original copy of a game and is requesting a place to find the game manual. In one of comments of the first answer one user states As far as I know (...
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Is posting tables of information from commercial strategy guides a legal issue?

Several answers for recent questions have included large tables of information that were taken from a commercially sold strategy guide. The content is very useful, but I'm a bit worried that we might ...
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Is it OK to copy game descriptions from Wikipedia for new tag wikis?

Is it okay to start a tag wiki for a video game by copying & pasting text from the Wikipedia article on that game? Do we need to put a link back to the Wikipedia article at the end to indicate ...
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What exactly does the law state about emulation and ROMs? [closed]

I have heard a lot of talk about how emulation is not illegal, or that downloading ROMs is legal in some circumstances but not others, and I would really like to clarify what is allowed about ...
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Should we allow links to "abandonware" game sites?

I'm seeing a number of mod flags around links to abandonware sites like: Should these "grey market" sites be allowed?
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Should we avoid all legal questions?

On Super User (and probably on others), legal questions are usually closed, or at least refrained. The simple reason is that we are not lawyers, we are computer users (and here, gamers). As such, we ...
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