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For questions about usage or implementations of hyperlinks in posts.

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Minecraft Wiki Migration - Link changes

The Minecraft wiki's management has moved from Fandom ( to an independent wiki ( and it's likely going to become out of date. Is it possible, to ...
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Fix broken links to Dwarf Fortress wiki

There are 112 posts with a broken link to This can be fixed by replacing the url with and keeping the path unchanged. Per master meta, this may be a candidate ...
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What do we do with a Dead Link in a post?

It took me a bit to not start singing a shanty there... [Ahem] So I came across an old question of mine, it is a very old question; to the point where it could be deleted and no one would notice. Do ...
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Link the Screenshot of the Week to the original image so we can see it in full size

I noticed this while browsing the homepage: I found it interesting and wanted to see the full size image so I can read better, but alas... clicking the image didn't do anything. Only way to see it is ...
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Answer deleted without a chance to improve

Just got my answer to How to get large amounts of xp safely and quickly in Minecraft? deleted, with the following comment: This is not an answer, it's a collection of videos. I'm sure you know link-...
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Question is still linked to another question that has been removed from the list of duplicates

Refer to meta post Question incorrectly marked as duplicate of question about an unrelated game, where a question (Can I build infrastructure on a town's seed tile without affecting town growth?) ...
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Why keep dead link comments?

I recently flagged a few comments that provided a link to what was ostensibly a helpful resource, but had since become dead links linking to nothing in particular. The comments did not provide any ...
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How to make links in comments?

I have been trying to get links into comments but can't get it to work. I tried making one the same way you make one in a question or answer, but that didn't work. And then I tried these guys ways, ...
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Make formatting not take up characters in comments/chat?

As you may know, doing ['text']('URL link') makes a link that goes to 'URL link' but has the text of 'text'. However, when making comments with links in this way, the brackets, parenthesis, and URL ...
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What to do when answers contain links that are now borderline malicious?

In regards to this old question, the answer listed is no longer valid as EA sent the site in question a DMCA and shut it down. What's worse though is that the site now links to a cheat website that ...
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Inserting links in text

I dont know how can i put some hyperlinks in text? For example if I want to write down "You can use minecraft wiki to see" How can I make "minecraft wiki" become a hyperlink?
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Should hyperlinks be more notorious? [duplicate]

I never thought of making a topic about it, but more than once I had to eyestrain (and placing my cursor over the whole text) to find the link within a paragraph. As the pic shrinks, it's easier to ...
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Visited hyperlinks are hard to distinguish against plain text

I don't know if it's just me, but I've noticed that if a Hyperlink is posted in a question, it's extremely difficult to differentiate it from normal text, considering the blue is so close to the black ...
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Why does the 'Active: today' on the side have a link?

On this question: Can you buy specific cards with gold?, if you hover around the "today" next to the "active" part of the sidebar, it can be clicked as a link. In this case, this one: https://gaming....
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Can the profile 'website link' be made to render Steam/YouTube/Twitch channel names like the Twitter one does?

I was updating my profile and I noticed that we now support links to Twitter, Which render the name of the feed quite nicely on the profile itself: This is great! My question is: could we do this ...
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Is there any way to link to a specific part of a question/answer?

So, going through all the Minecraft crash questions, I've noticed that quite a few has been already covered in this Community Wiki post. However, simply marking it as duplicate for that post isn't ...
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Sidebar links wobble when hovered

I just happened to notice a minor but annoying quirk in the styling of linked / related questions sidebar — when you hover the mouse over the links, all the following links move down by one ...
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Links in "Questions asking for help identifying a game" close reason are broken [duplicate]

There is a "Questions asking for help identifying a game" close reason when flagging: Both links are broken, leading to 404 error page. First one (the blog) is ...
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Do we consider having a Youtube video as an answer acceptable?

Taken from this question. Is @BlaXpirit's answer too vague? I understand that he didn't explain what was going on in the videos, but merely linking them and saying "Watch them, you'll get your ...
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Visited-links are too low-contrast [duplicate]

Visited links on the site are a dark blue that has very low contrast with the surrounding black text. This isn't a problem in post bodies since links are dotted-underlined (except in post preview, ...
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Terraria: Wiki or Wikia links

I noticed that people when link pages for wiki uses both sources: the official one and the wikia unofficial. I think because both are good and Google tends to put Wikia at first place after searches. ...
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Is the Meta blog link intended to be Stack Overflow's blog?

Now that we've got our blog rolling along well, we link to it at the bottom. But only on the main site. On the Meta site, it's linking to the Stack Overflow (and thus, more accurately, Stack Exchange) ...
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