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Questions regarding Hot Network Questions (HNQ) and it's features (including the sidebar widget), or requests for HNQ removal should use this tag.

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Include the game in the question title so that it's clearer in the Hot Network Questions list

Suggestion: make all questions look like this one where it's apparent from the title which game is being discussed. Reason is because it makes it clear from the HNQ list whether or not to look at the ...
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What types of question are not a good fit for the Hot Network Questions list?

On 2019-03-11, a number of changes related to the Hot Network Questions (HNQ) list were applied across the Stack Exchange network. You can read all about it here: Updating the Hot Network Questions ...
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Include a game's name in question titles to avoid confusion in the HNQ sidebar [duplicate]

I just joined this exchange solely in order to post this meta question. Usually, I hang out in the programming-related exchanges, but, as with any old dictionary, one gets ... sidetracked ... by the ...
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