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any hardware or peripheral that is primarily used for gaming purposes, such as gaming consoles, controllers and joysticks, and more. Use this tag for questions regarding the acceptability of gaming hardware and peripherals.

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Is it off topic to ask about building game consoles?

A bit of background here: You may remember me from the main site as the PS1 user and possibly KSP player. What you don't know is that I am a total tech whizz who among my friends is notorious for ...
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Are questions about running non-games on gaming hardware on-topic?

To elaborate on my question take the Steam Deck, which is designed as a handheld console, however, does have a "desktop" environment and can be used as a PC. From the tour I understand that ...
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Where would I ask about xbox 1?

Where would I ask a question about my Xbox 1? I looked at the desc of all the Stack Exchange sites but none said anything about Xbox. (none of the tags really describe this question.) So should I ask ...
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Do questions about the functions of a game system itself fit here or in the SuperUser stack exchange?

I posted a question about how the 360 and X-box Live manage installations which involve DLC, how to successfully ensure they are installed to external media with all content so they are playable, etc. ...
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How do we tag multiplatform games?

I couldn't find this question asked before even though it seems like an important decision to me: How do we tag a question that may or may not have different answers depending on platform? The most ...
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34 votes
2 answers

How does my question about my arcade machine not fit in Arqade?

This is the question. Arqade is an exchange about video games and the question certainly is about one, just on the hardware end.
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1 answer

Graphics Cards: Rendering a New Model for the Meta

The topic has come up in relation to this question, and at least from my point of view, has caused quite a stir in the community. It would seem that the community is split on the issue of graphics-...
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Are questions about software for gaming hardware on-topic?

I have a Razer gaming keyboard, which comes with a software/driver package called Razer Synapse. This software is required to change many of the settings associated with the keyboard, such as ...
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Is a question about a graphics card's drivers like this on-topic (won't be closed)?

EDIT: It seems that the community doesn't want questions like this. Due to that, I have posted it at Super User, instead. :
6 votes
4 answers

Leniency and migration - The Hardware Policy revisited

Super User doesn't like games - anything which remotely reeks of it is carted here without a second thought. And, apparently, they are now concerned that we might migrate stuff over there without ...
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PS3 Blu-ray Questions [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Non-gaming gaming console questions — allowed? Would they be on topic? Technically, they have nothing to do with games, but the PS3 is a gaming console, and many of us ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Console tags, any consensus yet?

Yesterday, Someone removed the [Wii] tag from almost all many Wii questions. I rolled-back is modification on the question I asked because I found those tag really useful; In my interesting tags, ...
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Are questions about setting up consoles/PCs on topic?

I've just seen this question on Super User and was reluctant to mention that this site existed as a potential place where the question could be asked. There's at least one hardware question already ...
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hardware questions?

How should questions related to gaming hardware be handled?
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Should questions always be tagged with either a console/platform or with "multi-platform"?

We appear to have instant consensus that a game tag (or game series tag) should be applied to all questions on specific titles. Should we also look to apply either a console or platform tag (iphone, ...
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