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Questions tagged [flags]

Something wrong with a post? Flags are a means for users to bring moderator attention to posts which need them. Use this tag for questions about the flagging privilege, it's features, or to discuss or clarify flagging outcomes.

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Not An Answer flag are not intended for low-quality answers

This has always been a problem, due in part to the Not An Answer (NAA) flag previously having some unclear wording, but Not an answer flags are not intended to be used on low-quality or wrong answers. ...
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Are people flagging as NAA or VLQ when they really should be flagging as spam or offensive?

I've seen a troubling trend of bad answers remaining on the site far longer than they should. And by bad, I mean really bad. Stuff that not only isn't an answer, but also contains swear words, ...
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Could the Low Quality review queue detect previous actions on a post?

I almost always have Arqade open on a tab watching for new questions to pop up while doing other things. When they do, I look at them, and sometimes I will flag them if needed. The problem is that ...
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Unable to flag upvoted comments

Once you have upvoted a comment, it is no longer possible to flag it. If you have upvoted a comment in the past, it's likely not going to be "spam" or "offensive", however, you may later want to mark ...
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Tooltip for flagging messages is wrong

Not that I was actually going to flag it...but: Note: My mouse was over "flag as spam/offensive". I don't think that's the same as "click to star".
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Flag on deleted answer still pending

I was just reviewing my flag summary when i came across this. It seems like the answer and the user was deleted, (probably causing the flag to disappear from the review queue) Link on the flag:...
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Glitch about flags?

Yesterday, while I was trying to flag a post the flag glitched and I wasn't able to flag it. Today, however the flag button returned to normal. What was going on?
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