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Disable the "question with the same title" filter on Arqade

When trying to ask What does Luck do in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2? I found there was already a question titled "What does luck do?" No biggie, it was a completely different game (tag based ...
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Can we replace the GitHub Profile field with Steam ID?

New profiles are here! Yay! There are fields for relevant social links like Twitter and... GitHub? I mean, GitHub makes tons of sense over on the mothership, but here at Arqade, we're about using ...
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Can I be notified if a question I've answered before offers a bounty?

This is possibly in the realm of MSO, but since it's particularly applicable to this site I'm asking here. We get a lot of answers that go out of date, particularly in oft-updated games such as ...
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Screenshot of the Tweak: replace image with smaller version

I would like to propose an edit to the Screenshot of the Week widget: Have the image that appears in the widget be a smaller version of the original so that it doesn't unnecessarily drain resources. (...
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Could we have the preferred tag wiki format indicated to suggesting users?

Related: How should I write tag wikis? Currently, there is no easy way to find the community's preferred tag wiki format apart from specifically searching meta for it. The sidebar has a link to the ...
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Can dupe suggestions pay attention to question tags?

When creating a new question we all get the suggestions of similar or potentially dupes. With this site in particular, going solely on question title can lead to false positives since we can have the ...
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Can we have Dark Mode?

Stack Overflow just got new fancy Dark Mode Can we have the same here?
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Create tag without privileges

Like the ability to submit edits for approval without privilege shouldn't there be an ability to do the same with Tags? Especially for this site with new games (and therefore tags) coming out monthly ...
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Have links to items on Steam posted in chat expand like Wikipedia links do

When posting a link in chat, some websites will expand the link into details from the destination. Examples of links that do this are site such as: Youtube Wikipedia xkcd Stack Exchange sites For ...
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Could user names in comments be updated when a user changes their name?

I changed my name a couple years ago on the stackexchange family of sites. It was an overall good experience. I would share links to my answers to my facebook friends and coworkers, but I don't. ...
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Warning for questions with Clash of Clans tag

Lots of clash-of-clans questions are about "How to attack this base" even after the decision to make those question off-topic since these questions are usually from new users, who have no idea about ...
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Make the 'Related' sidebar links prioritize questions matching *all* tags

Although SE in general considers tags to be equal, we have some tags (like achievements) that are usually only valid when paired with another tag for a particular game or series. However, the code for ...
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Prevent Markdown from turning links into other links

This happened recently, and tripped up the mod who reviewed the flags. Can Markdown be prevented from linkifying text which is itself a complete, and different url? I mean, it's just amending a regex, ...
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Allow users to Follow/Subscribe to chat rooms and receive notifications on activity?

Some of the less busy chatrooms may not receive messages for a few days. To save people checking in every couple of hours, it would be nice to be able to subscribe to particular rooms, and receive a ...
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Onebox links (both streams and archives) in chat

I'd love to see links to Twitch TV oneboxed in chat for both streams and archives. So for the following link (Daigo vs. Xian at PAX): In chat, we ...
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Can we add detection of Minecraft Bedrock Edition's NBT questions to the question asking process?

Can individual sites add features to the question asking procedure? If yes, could Gaming SE add a way to detect NBT questions in Minecraft Bedrock Edition and then ask the user whether How do you add ...
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Markdown or HTML for gamepad buttons

I've been wishing for this for a long time, but it seems nobody even mentioned this so far. I'm talking about markdowns or HTML tags for gamepad buttons. When talking about how to perform certain ...
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Rename [gears-of-war-5] to [gears-5]

There are a few gears-of-war-5 questions posted, and there was one gears-5 question, but I think it may have been deleted and the tag died off. The game is officially called "Gears 5" as indicated ...
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Tag search with accented characters should de-accent them, rather than delete them

If you create a new tag with an accented character, it gets converted to an un-accented character. For instance: pokémon → pokemon But when you search through this site's search box, the ...
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Can the profile 'website link' be made to render Steam/YouTube/Twitch channel names like the Twitter one does?

I was updating my profile and I noticed that we now support links to Twitter, Which render the name of the feed quite nicely on the profile itself: This is great! My question is: could we do this ...
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Limit questions on the front page / above the fold per-tag

Right now, the front page looks like a LoL site, not a gaming site. I get that this is because the tournament is going on, and that's going to drive a lot of traffic and be good and so on - but I have ...
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Unable to flag upvoted comments

Once you have upvoted a comment, it is no longer possible to flag it. If you have upvoted a comment in the past, it's likely not going to be "spam" or "offensive", however, you may later want to mark ...
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Can we add an "other off-site resources" term to the recommendation close reason?

The current close reason for asking for recommendations is Questions that ask for recommendations of games, software, or hardware are off topic. I think this is too specific. We should also be ...
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Make tags bookmarking easier

I would just like to drag any tag to the "My Favorites" area and have it bookmarked that way. This would be a huge step in usability.
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Can we advertise Game On! etc. in the Community Bulletin?

This would be an awesome place to advertise forthcoming games to users of the site besides those that hang out in chat! Also worthy of inclusion: blog posts, chat event etc. We can has?
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Moving completed badges down on selecting new 'Next badge'

I tried to select my new "Next-badge", but all my completed ones are on top of the badges I can choose. Wouldn't it be more logical to move the completed ones under (I will never ever choose those as "...
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Website Questions and the FAQ

Well there's this thing about the website questions. As you may know I started a proposal about the Closing reason external resources and there I got redirected to the Discussion about whether or not ...
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Can the comment writing box be in monospace font?

Comments are used to clarify posts or ask for more information. They also support a very small sample of Markdown, to allow for the addition of links, bold, italics, and code font. I would like to ...
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Adding an "Asking for unreasonable technical support" close reason?

Search didn't turn up any duplicates of this, so here goes... Is it viable/reasonable to add a "Person is asking for unreasonable technical support" close option? I've seen several instances where ...
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Is there a way to see why a bounty was awarded?

After browsing some posts, I noticed that some of them had completed bounties on them, and I wanted to know why a user gave a bounty. But, I was unable to figure why the bounty(s) were awarded. I know ...
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Is it possible to add an alternate coloring for questions with 'community upvoted' answers?

My original question was the common "accept" feature. But having seen the reasons against it I altered it to be more consistent with the desires laid out in the below meta question. I found these ...
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Filtering out similar questions based on tag

When you type out a new question title, se tries to show similar questions. I propose that, after adding a tag in, it filters "related questions" based on your tag.
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On/Off Topic inconsistencies in Help, Flag, etc

This is a follow-up to @Caleb's Is "Historical Trivia" off-topic? The consensus there was that those questions are fine, since it's about video games. This conflicts directly with the older ...
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