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Is it acceptable to re-ask an unanswered question I posted on another site?

Around a month ago I posted a question on a different site (GameFaqs). Since then the question has gone unanswered. Would it be acceptable for me to re-ask the question on Arqade?
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How should I handle multiple helpful but incomplete answers?

On Is there a reason to complete additional research tasks after a Pokédex entry is completed?, I received multiple helpful answers from different users. In particular, Wondercricket and Joe's ...
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How should we respond to users "reprimanding" other users in comments?

I recently stumbled across this comment: Aren't you the one who tried posting a answer to my "should I pick doom shroom or cherry bomb" question and got your response deleted? Don't let it ...
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Do typos or grammatical errors in titles warrant an edit more than ones in the body?

I know that edit significance has been brought up several times here on Meta, and that the consensus so far is that an edit that only improves on a few typos is too minor. However, does a typo in the ...
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Should I change a question to reflect the answer?

Referring to this question, but applies probably to other questions. Sometime a user has a question, usually a tech issue, which he asks for a specific solution. A suggested answer might suggest a ...
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How do you deal with a bad user

I'd like everyone to familiarize yourselves with werih. I've taken a look over his contributions and found them lacking. I took the liberty of flagging some of his worse comments, but I'm not 100% ...
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Etiquette of breaking up a multi-part question

The question, team strategies asks for SC2 strategies for 2X2, 3X3, and 4X4. Based on Manual's comment, Could you narrow your question a little? What exactly would you want to know? -- right ...
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Etiquette of *immediately* answering one's own question

There are a lot of meta-discussions, here and on meta.stackoverflow, that all agree that self-answers are okay but it is encouraged to wait a bit, to give others a chance to answer. However, let's ...
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Protocol when one question has 2 correct answers?

This question has 2 separate answers, and both are great, one answers the specifics of the question (Davy8), the other answers the general question (alexanderpas) (which will work for other games) ...
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Etiquette in unintentional re-answers

A few times I've gone to answer a question and just after or before I actually submit a very similar answer is posted. I've lurked stackexchange sites for a while now, but I've never been this ...
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