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Questions that are 'deleted' are still visible for users with 10k+ reputation. If your question pertains to one or more deleted questions, and/or the tools surrounding deletion, use this tag

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Is the automatic deletion of "abandoned" questions a good thing?

When reviewing my profile, I noticed I have around 30 seemingly on-topic questions with a neutral score that had been deleted by the Community user. Reviewing the deleted questions FAQ, I realized ...
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Improving question on championship privilege

Re When does/do a champion/s 'defend' vs start from scratch? Difference between 'champion' and '(recurring) tournament winner'? Sorean suggests This is probably better suited for english....
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Undelete request

Coincidentally, I became re-interested in an unanswered question just as it was automatically deleted (for inactivity, I assume). It’s here:
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Why is every question I ask getting deleted?

I've asked about five questions on this site, and I occasionally check back to see if there is an answer yet, but somebody has usually deleted it. They say it's because there are similar questions, ...
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How can I find a question deleted more than 60 days ago?

I'm losing my mind. On 2019-11-17 I posted this question to Reddit (which STILL has no responses) after I'd already posted the same question somewhere else* that DID attract some helpful responses. *...
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Ability to delete a question that you asked and self-answered

I asked a question which, after continuing to experiment, I found the answer myself. I posted the answer, but I think that the question and answer really don't contribute to the site and, after ...
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Why was this COD WWII question deleted? [duplicate]

I understand why this question (about a soon-to-be-released but not-yet-released game) was closed (although I think it was a bit inconsistent, since there are several other questions about the game ...
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Is it allowed to ask an automatically deleted question again?

A question of mine regarding difficulty settings in Deus Ex was deleted due to downvotes. The question wasn't against the rules, and in itself was worthwhile. Is it allowed to resubmit a question that ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Should I delete Questions?

If I'm on Arqade and one of my questions gets closed because it's off topic or it's marked as a duplicate, am I supposed to delete it or do I just leave it? Or, do I leave a comment or something? I ...
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Deleted Question - What Gives?

Question deletion has been reversed Yesterday, somebody did a drive-by down voting on a question I asked about how the Logitech G13 interacts with Star Trek Online. The question had been open and ...
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Should we be undeleting questions that weren't relevant at the time, but now are relevant again?

Minecraft. Love it or hate it, it drives a lot of traffic to our site. Sure, recently we've had some bother with modded tech support questions, but overall, most of our questions/answers are fairly ...
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2 answers

If a question is deleted, what happens to any reputation linked to it?

Let's say someone creates a question, and after 2 days, puts a 50 reputation bounty. The question gets upvoted 20 times, and 3 answers get put on it. Answer A gets upvoted 5 times and gets accepted (...
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Missing link on profile to view recently deleted questions

I recently deleted a question that wasn't well-received by the community since it was unclear. However, there is no way for me to see it. My understanding is that there should be a link to my recently ...
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Let's get rid of [music] once and for all!

This is the only question left, and it's closed as off-topic. Remove it, and music will nevermore darken our doorstep! Victory is at hand people!
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Why was this question deleted?

10k+ users can probably still see this: I just clicked on a link to this question, read it, went to upvote but it ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Why do we leave "Welcome to Arqade" comments on answers that we're about to delete?

Yesterday, I flagged an answer (on this question) from an unregistered user as "doesn't answer the question", and started typing up a "Welcome to Arqade" comment. As it happened, Oak was doing the ...
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Please don't delete controversial questions immediately

Closed questions, except for duplicates, are regularly deleted to clean up the site. I've done that often enough myself on the sites where I'm a moderator. But except for some extreme cases, I always ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Should I ask seed questions involving problems I've never experienced?

I seeded this question (10K only link), involving the "You did not earn a trophy" message on the PS3, which was deleted on the grounds that I never experienced this problem. This was intended as a ...
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What happened to old identify-this-game or game-rec questions?

I just wonder what happened to this question which I asked some time ago. I was going to recall the name of the game, but apparently the question was deleted.
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Can I get a dump of my deleted question? [closed]

I had been searching for an old arcade game I used to play for years (the only one I played a lot, I was not a player). I thought gaming.stackexchange could help me, redacted a very detailed question (...
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Why was "Emulators or external tools that support backtracking like in Nestopia" delted?

With the new reputation log, I noticed the question of the title "Emulators or external tools that support backtracking like in Nestopia" which I replied to is gone. I slightly remember it wasn't the ...
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