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Questions tagged [community-event]

Use this tag for announcements or organisation of events within the community - such as movie or gaming nights, contests and competitions, or other things that people can enter.

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Movie Night - February 2020

Wow, it's been two years already? I've been thinking about starting up Movie Nights again and here we are. Unlike our previous Movie Nights, I've pre-selected the movie we're going to be watching: ...
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New York Comic Con 2011 - Gaming.SE involvement

New York Comic Con is approaching soon (October 13-16) and I would like for this site to have a presence of some sort. Here's what I tentatively propose: Up to 20 users from Gaming.SE can attend with ...
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3-Day Passes available for New York Comic Con 2012, October 12-14

UPDATE: All 3-day passes have been claimed. Thank you to everyone who claimed a pass. See you at the con! New York Comic Con is soon approaching (October 12-14). For any users interested in attending,...
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(Ended) Livestreaming question answering!

Since I answer a lot of questions and they seem to be pretty popular (I'm #1 this month and last year), I will be livestreaming my process of answering some tricky gamingSE questions, starting in 1 ...
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Unfreezing the Frozen Synapse Tournament

Our Frozen Synapse tourney has been inactive for a few months. Let's change that. I will now be using this Trello to organize the remaining games. Here's what going to happen: Every game now has a ...
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