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Format of "Where am I this Week?"

This thread exists to help us agree on the precise format of the "Where am I this Week" series going forward, and to provide justification for edits made when the format isn't followed. I ...
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Would this idea for a challenge series work on either gaming or gaming meta?

I'm from the puzzling stack exchange where questions can be either related to puzzles such as "Who invented X type of puzzle?" or (more often) challenges, particularly where the asker knows ...
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4 answers

Prioritising our bugs and requests for CM review

Last week, a proposal was announced on Meta Stack Exchange to address the growing workload of the CM team, and for them to actually start addressing community requests and feedback again: Our ...
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(Ended) Livestreaming question answering!

Since I answer a lot of questions and they seem to be pretty popular (I'm #1 this month and last year), I will be livestreaming my process of answering some tricky gamingSE questions, starting in 1 ...
28 votes
6 answers

Let’s build some Arqade community ads - congratulate our winners!

Competition closed! Winners announced here Something that I brought up on the community check in post was reaching out to Stack Exchange sites that share similar ball-parks to us, and doing some ...
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Can we please Be Nice when commenting on ITG questions?

I understand that it's annoying to see game-identification questions that don't have artifacts. I understand that it is annoying that the people who post those questions don't seem to have bothered to ...
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We were on /r/place!

To make a long story short, Reddit recently had its April Fools joke. As per usual it was a social experiment, this time allowing it's users to draw anything on a 1000x1000 canvas for 72 hours (the ...
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3 answers

Create a chat room for the posts that don't fit the Q & A guidelines

It seems quite clear that the arqade site is not a forum and after looking at posts by new users it seems that quite a few of them do not know this and try to treat it as such. I was wondering if ...
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11 answers

Bridge Movie Night - June 2016

See ground rules and guidelines here: So You Want to Attend Movie Night It's summertime and that means summer break. For those of you in school, enjoy your time off and try to catch a movie with ...
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4 answers

Why do people get more reputation from lengthier answers?

I want to get peoples opinion on this topic. I generally spend a lot of time preparing answers: I spend up to an hour on some questions and 30 minutes on this question. As you can see, I don't have ...
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So You Want to Attend Movie Night

Given that we're a few Movie Nights in (to the point where I've stopped numbering them), I think it's time we nail some things down. Do not talk to me about Fight Club: Seriously, I've heard it all. ...
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5 answers

Bridge Movie Night - April 2016

February had some great attendance and some nice conversation during the movie, let's hope that will carry into April. Remember, you have the whole month to vote on scheduling and movie selection ...
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1 answer

League of Legends Chatroom and Ranked Team (EUW)

A number of League of Legends players have been hanging out in the chatroom Summoners Rift. We've also created a ranked team called "Arqade Community", on the EUW servers. We're trying to set up an ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Arqade clans in games?

After reading this post, I thought about possibly creating a Diablo 3 community where people from Arqade could play together. Are there any other games that already feature such clans / communities?
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Why are posts protected by Community? [duplicate]

I just saw this post: How do I prevent Tiny Death Star from crashing when trying to collect an imperial items reward? It doesn't seem like a really important post, why the need to protect it?
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First Scheduled Stack Exchange 0 A.D. Game

We over at Ask Ubuntu have decided to schedule a game of 0 A.D. this Sunday. Someone suggested that I mention it over here, so that's what I'm doing :) Details For those who are interested, here are ...
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Arqade Gamer IDs

Feel like playing games with your fellow Arqade members but don't know their contact information? Fear not! Shotgun ninja whipped up a spreadsheet for just this purpose! The spreadsheet contains the ...
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0 answers

Why must users have a certain amount of reputation to simply view review queues?

I can understand why users would require a certain amount of reputation to, for example, approve and reject edits. I do not, however, understand why users would require a certain amount of reputation ...
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Insert Coin, Feed Beast:

This is a formal notification of our commmunity FTB (Ultimate) Minecraft server. It is a whitelisted server, so if you want access ping @fredley or @RonanForman in chat. If you can't for some reason, ...
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How can we bring new life to Arqade's Steam Community Group?

Let's face it: Arqade's Steam Group is pretty much dead at the moment. No events, no announcements (with the exception of the recent phishing scam warning from badp), right now it's just another place ...
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Are there any Valve employees on this site?

Just wondering if there are any Valve employees who are users on this site who answer technical support questions. I have what seems to be a fairly localized problem with steam and I'm wondering if I ...
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Arqade League of Legends group

So, this didn't turn out to be one of my best ideas ever. Call it dead. I do like @StrixVaria's comment about compiling a glossary of terms and abbreviations, though, and @Raven has helpfully ...
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Dear Stack Exchange: Can we have the heart?

Now that you have retired the heart logo from the site, can the community have the right to use it as a badge for our community content? This would cover things like videos, or anything the community ...
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4 votes
4 answers

Rebrand overflow: Should we have a new name for community content?

Currently, community content is loosely branded as 'Stack Gaming'. And we have a blue heart logo based on the soon-to-be-(almost)-extinct red pixel heart. With the Arqade rebrand, should we come up ...
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29 votes
1 answer

Are you playing Diablo 3? Why don't you play with us?

Blah blah blah enormously hyped, blah blah persistant multiplayer yadda yadda battletag and built in chat client, I'm not going to bother boring you with things you already know. Instead, I'm just ...
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2 answers

Social networking re-branding

Our Facebook, Google plus and YouTube accounts have been contacted with two emails, they are as follows. Hello! First of all, I would like to thank you for the work you're doing to promote the Gaming ...
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Gaming Stack Exchange Server List

We have an increasing number of Gaming Stack Exchange servers for things ranging from Team Fortress 2 to Terraria. I've posted a community wiki answer to keep track of all the servers. Use the ...
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21 answers

Steam item giveaway/trading thread

With Steam now giving away games as part of the Holiday Sale, a lot of us are bound to end up with extra copies of games. Instead of letting them sit around our Steam Inventories, let's spread them ...
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1 answer
178 views does: The Old Republic

Some have thrown around the idea of a GamingSE guild, or others have their own, so at the very least to begin, who's where (what server) and for something more protracted, who has plans to do what? I'...
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Community Team Fortress 2 server

Earlier in chat a discussion about the possibility of a Gaming.SE TF2 server came up. I decided this would be a great way for me to give back to the community as well as help to promote the community ...
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2 answers

When did SE invent Skynet?

First, it started posting. Now it's protecting stuff?!? Doesn't sound like your ordinary "background process" to me... The only other explanation is that it's a person, but in that case, it would ...
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3 answers

Gaming Moderator Cards

We recently printed some business cards for our Stack Exchange employees and they turned out great. It got us thinking: our sites' moderators have been working hard to keep our sites high quality for ...
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