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Thoughts/ideas left on posts. Comments require at least 50 reputation to utilize. They are meant to be constructive towards the post, and should not be used for chatting purposes.

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Hot Network Question Silly Title Comment Sanity

Misleading question titles are great. They're kind of a thing around here and that's also great. What's not so great is every time one comes along, and we get dozens of comments about LOL, how amusing ...
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Could user names in comments be updated when a user changes their name?

I changed my name a couple years ago on the stackexchange family of sites. It was an overall good experience. I would share links to my answers to my facebook friends and coworkers, but I don't. ...
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Unable to flag upvoted comments

Once you have upvoted a comment, it is no longer possible to flag it. If you have upvoted a comment in the past, it's likely not going to be "spam" or "offensive", however, you may later want to mark ...
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Can the comment writing box be in monospace font?

Comments are used to clarify posts or ask for more information. They also support a very small sample of Markdown, to allow for the addition of links, bold, italics, and code font. I would like to ...
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User does not have permission to comment on this post

I got this error message trying to add a comment to my own answer (to respond to a comment there). What gives?
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