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How do we stand on cheats, in particularly for multiplayer games?

This was prompted by this question: Idling in Team Fortress 2 Seeing as this is a form of cheating, what is our official stance? Do we allow cheats, caveat lector? This is considered a bannable ...
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18 votes
3 answers

Cheats in multiplayer games are banned, but what *is* a cheat?

In an early question in our site's history, we determined that questions about cheating in multiplayer games should be closed. But what exactly is a cheat? Third party tools? In-game exploits? Where ...
16 votes
2 answers

Can I ask for cheat codes and mods on this site?

Can I ask for cheat codes of a game on this forum? And can I ask for mods for an Android game here?
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14 votes
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Is asking if a specific behavior violates the terms of service allowed?

I've been thinking about creating a second account on a specific MMORPG, but want to make sure that it is allowed before I go ahead. The game's Terms of Service (ToS) are written in such dense ...
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5 answers

Cheats as an answer

Coming from this answer, I felt that we need a tiny discussion. While cheats are typically on the way out in gaming, some games still use cheats and allow access to the developer console. Quite a few ...
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Where is the line between "glitch" and "cheat"?

This question asked about how to do item duplication in Minecraft, which on most servers would probably be considered cheating. But is a blanket ban on all exploits in multiplayer games appropriate? ...
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10 votes
3 answers

Questions asking for cheats in games where the singleplayer also has multiplayer components

We have Where do we stand on cheating in single player games?, about cheating in singleplayer games (which says "cheating in singleplayer is fine") and How do we stand on cheats, in particularly for ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Is asking how to hack Pokémon necessarily a multiplayer cheat?

We have a broad question on cheating in primarily single-player games that have a multi-player aspect. I want to ask about applying this principle specifically to Pokémon main-series games. These ...
8 votes
1 answer

Where do we stand on cheating in single player games?

From what I can see in meta, it appears that the community generally agrees that, provided the cheating isn't about multiplayer games, that it is perfectly on topic. See: How do we stand on cheats, ...
6 votes
1 answer

Questions asking for cheats in a game with non-competitive online multiplayer

We don't allow questions about cheats or exploits in online multiplayer games, but does this include games where players don't play against each other? For example, a cheat that would give a player ...
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6 votes
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Asking questions about cheating in games that have a multiplayer setting?

So, a question has been posted recently about exploiting glitches in Minecraft; which is effectively cheating. The base rule for Arqade is that we do not support this in Multiplayer games. I don't ...
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What are your thoughts on AR code requests?

I noticed that the action-replay tag was created recently having to do with what seems to be AR code requests. I know that we've always supported cheats or various console commands (aka skyrim) but ...
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2 answers

Posting cheats/easter eggs

I think I found a cheat/hack/easter-egg in some game. Is it OK to post them as my own question and answer? ( ) Or ...
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