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Answer Swarm was a contest to celebrate the launch of StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm. The contest began on Tuesday, March 12 at 12:00 AM UTC and ended on Thursday, Mar 21 12:00 AM UTC.

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StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm Event

A few months back I asked this question about a HoTS event for Starcraft 2 and was told to check back around nowish. It's nowish. Let's bake this turkey! ..ok, @bapd deleted the question cause he's ...
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16 votes
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Did the StarCraft 2 HoTS contest AnswerSwarm increase site activity?

I know that AnswerSwarm just concluded at the turn of the UTC clock, but am curious if it had a positive net affect on traffic. Was there a noticeable increase in site traffic?
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How do I remove or avoid getting the ultralisk-huge StarCraft 2 'AnswerSwarm' promo banner in my profile page?

I don't play StarCraft 2 and have no interest in seeing the 'AnswerSwarm' achievement points. I would prefer to see my profile details immediately when I view my profile page, but the 'AnswerSwarm' ...
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