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Is an edit adding a transcript to an image containing mostly text considered a meaningful edit?

Someone in chat just asked about an edit to a question where they added in a transcript for an image where the question asks about certain text within that image. Essentially, one of the reviewers ...
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Why was this edit (providing a more useful title and alt content) rejected?

This question currently has the title "What game is this from?" and an image with an alt content of "enter image description here". With this edit, I tried to add the only characteristic OP mentioned ...
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4 answers

The election message in the community bulletin looks bad

...and you should feel bad. I appreciate that elections are super-cool and exciting and should be highlighted, but that shade of red is not very readable on that shade of grey. Other people have ...
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Basic functionality impaired if images are disabled

Trying to browse Gaming.SE with images disabled is a far more trying experience than either StackOverflow or say UX.SE etc. Some of the UI features that disappear The user info section (username ...
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Why favorite tags' excerpts and information won't expand?

When you're on the main page, your favorite tags (on the right column) won't show their excerpt or subscribing link, while the tags appearing under the questions will. This is not narrowed to the ...
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