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Minecraft crash questions should be made off-topic: yes/no?

I'm tired of seeing terrible Minecraft crash log questions. I'm tired of closing them. I'm tired of posting comments asking for a shred of useful material. Tired of seeing the same errors repeatedly. ...
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Vast amounts of Minecraft Crash questions

The ever present issue about "how to handle Minecraft Crash questions" has gained itself another meta question. We have had a few good meta posts in the past, like How do I ask a good Minecraft Bug/...
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What should an Off Topic Close Reason for Minecraft Crash Dumps look like?

So, we've seemingly come to a conclusion that Minecraft tech support/crash dumps are a thing we don't like and don't want to tangle with. People are starting to close these with custom reasons, and it ...
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Let's test out the Modded Minecraft Tech Support close reason

Update: The Modded Minecraft Close Reason review is underway. See the following post: Modded Minecraft Close Reason - Let's Review It's been a little over two weeks since our latest discussion ...
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Why we should make a flag reason for closing modded Minecraft tech support questions

TL;DR We need a better flag reason for questions about tech support for modded Minecraft. Yes, yes, I know, we have discussed this 4 years ago, but so far the only changes in hope of solving this ...
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How do I ask Minecraft Questions?

This Meta Question is the result from This Meta Question ready to be used for the solution presented by This Answer and made using the similar format to This Anime/Manga Meta Question. (I am assuming ...
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Update the off-topic reason for "Technical support for non-vanilla Minecraft" in the help-center

I was having a discussion with Robotnik in the comments to one of my answers, where it seems like the rule addressing tech support questions for modded minecraft is actually only for crash support, or ...
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We shouldn't have a close reason specific to a single game. What is a better close reason?

As some probably already know, I do not think that it's good to have a close reason that is specific to a single game. So why is this a problem? It drives some people off the site, I don't have any ...
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Format a (long) bulleted list to be scrollable

In an attempt to format some questions (especially Minecraft crash questions) using this guide, I have run into a an issue concerning listing mods. Some users come with games with over 100 mods (like ...
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The 'What topics can I ask about here?' Help Center page is out of date [duplicate]

The help center currently only lists the following topics as off-topic: Game and Mod Development (try the Game Development Stack Exchange instead) Speculative questions about developer intent, ...
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How is link rot treated for questions?

I came upon a question which shall remain unnamed and unlinked, where data relevant to the question was linked to a pastebin post.. which then linked to other pastebin posts. On Stack overflow(which ...
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General redirect for the same questions

Can their be some sort of general redirect for all the kids asking about their crashed/not working Minecraft games? I feel like 10x a day there is the same general questions from kids asking why ...
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