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Should questions like "How can I install Firefox on the PS3?" be allowed? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Non-gaming gaming console questions — allowed? I don't think that this question (or questions like it) should be on Gaming stack Exchange. Are these questions OK to ask? ...
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PS3 Blu-ray Questions [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Non-gaming gaming console questions — allowed? Would they be on topic? Technically, they have nothing to do with games, but the PS3 is a gaming console, and many of us ...
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Cleanup 2013: It's time to clearly identify community consensus

On meta we have a tag to denote frequently asked questions, it is the moderator only bright red tag known as faq. This tag provides us the opportunity to group together our agreed community ...
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What questions should be in our meta FAQ?

The tag faq is useful on many sites on this network for creating a list of questions that many users need to know but could never fit in the site FAQ. Arqade is not using that tag to its fullest ...
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Can you ask questions about game systems or only about the games themselves?

I was going to ask a question about gaming systems and thought that if it wasn't normal it would get a lot of down votes, so I decided to ask.
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How should we deal with direct questions on hardware modding?

Earlier today a question was asked regarding installing custom firmware on a PSP. It was quickly closed (and commented) as off-topic by myself and four others. However, it was then pointed out that ...
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Are questions about games that won't start wanted here?

We have a question over on Super User about why a game doesn't start. I suggested he try here instead as SU has a no game-questions policy. But the another user wondered if questions like that are ...
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Is a question about a graphics card's drivers like this on-topic (won't be closed)?

EDIT: It seems that the community doesn't want questions like this. Due to that, I have posted it at Super User, instead. :
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Are questions about a graphics card's drivers off-topic?

I posted this question:, which immediately got closed as off-topic and ...
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Question about the iPod Touch and iPad

Can the iPod Touch/iPad be considered a portable game console?
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Is this question about general internet security on topic?

Some people seem to think that since this question is about the security of Steam vs. non-gaming software, it's on topic. But the question is asking a general security question, as Arda Xi put in the ...
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Are questions about setting up consoles/PCs on topic?

I've just seen this question on Super User and was reluctant to mention that this site existed as a potential place where the question could be asked. There's at least one hardware question already ...
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