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Should I vote to close questions if they are outdated? [duplicate]

What does the number below the energy counter mean in Spiral Knights, and what is it for? Maximizing gameplay time in Spiral Knights These two are just an example of an update that hit Spiral Knights ...
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What to do if a game changes completely? [duplicate]

Starbound has recently released an update (Upbeat Giraffe) that changes approximately 90% of the game, and so most questions on the older release (Enraged Koala) are either less pertinent or no longer ...
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Cleanup 2013: It's time to clearly identify community consensus

On meta we have a tag to denote frequently asked questions, it is the moderator only bright red tag known as faq. This tag provides us the opportunity to group together our agreed community ...
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Can we stop closing questions that have become obsolete as "Too Localized"?

After some recent discussion in chat, it came up that we have been closing questions as "Too Localized" because they no longer apply to the game they are about, even though they were good questions ...
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How to get an up to date answer for old questions with obsolete answers?

Explanation whether duplicate or not --> see end of post. Imagine you have a question about a game. You first search for it and find it answered a long time ago. Back then the answer was correct, but ...
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Updating an out of date answer versus keeping author intent

It is a given that, with time, questions and answers will become out dated. Good answers will not always apply to future patches, and questions may concern issues that simply do not exist in newer ...
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What should be done with out of version questions?

Gaming is a fast moving field and sometimes things get left behind or shut down. What should we do with the content on the site that is no longer pertinent to the current state of gaming? Should we ...
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What happens to outdated answers?

I checked this question answered by badp. The answer on that was less than satisfactory. :-) I just saw a bounty from badp on this. The reason was the current answers were out of date. How does one ...
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What do we do with historic questions that no longer make sense?

Minecraft's new (as of 1.5) water physics mean that this question no longer makes sense as a question - the situation can no longer arise. Should this question be closed/deleted?
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I think there is a flaw in the rules around time based questions

Most competitive games are updated and change over time. I play starcraft and I almost never ask questions here, because the rules make for a toxic environment. My questions get downvoted because I ...
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Are questions asking for updated info duplicates?

In reference to this question... The OP of that question more or less admits that they know that their question is a duplicate. However, they also claim that all the answers in the question are out of ...
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What should the role of patch changes be?

We've talked about the effect of patches on old questions/answers a couple times before. However, after recent discussion I am more concerned with questions about the effect of the patch itself. I can ...
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Should there be some way to designate answers as deprecated?

Most notably for minecraft, but I'm sure this happens with others as well, many questions and answers become irrelevant after a certain amount of time or after a game update. So should there be some ...
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Should we go through old questions of newly released games and update them?

With the Minecraft release in the near-future, would it be worth it to systematically go through all the old questions (say, 621 of them) when games are officially released and make sure they are ...
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Etiquette of breaking up a multi-part question

The question, team strategies asks for SC2 strategies for 2X2, 3X3, and 4X4. Based on Manual's comment, Could you narrow your question a little? What exactly would you want to know? -- right ...
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