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Are game specific abbreviations sufficient in tags? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to tag: use acronyms or not? I've already almost had one vote to close on a question of mine because the person was unfamiliar with an abbreviation common to the game. In ...
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Why was [game-recommendations] shortened to [game-rec]

Seems someone changed the [game-recommendations] tag to [game-rec] tag retroactively - i.e. not by manually going over each question. Why is that? I think [game-rec] is very bad, as it's not clear ...
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Tag question: wow or world-of-warcraft

Which is better? wow or world-of-warcraft?
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Reconsidering how we tag games in a series

As of late there has been a lot of discussion in chat on how games in a series should be tagged, and it is a topic which has come up in the past. However, we have never been able to reach a consensus ...
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How should we tag Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One?

This is yet another of the greater-than-25-character games, in that ratchet-and-clank-all-4-one doesn't quite fit, and as mentioned below, we can't use ampersands in tags ... how should we abbreviate ...
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Tagging games that have more than one title

As if the differences between abbreviated titles and full titles was not already a problem, what should we do for games that actually have multiple different titles? There are a few different cases ...
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Why do we have [rpg] and [first-person-shooter]?

How can we be more coherent about tagging?
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Can/Should we reverse the Playstation tag synonyms? [psX] -> [playstation-X]

Currently, the tags use the abbreviated form, which stems back to the discussion here: Tag Synonym Request: [PS1] -> [Playstation-1] ; [PS2] -> [Playstation-2] ; [PS3] -> [Playstation-3] ...
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Game abbreviations in regards to search engines

Thinking about a game like Team Fortress 2. On message boards about the game, it's normally referred to as TF2. We have a tag that is 'team-fortress-2' for this game. If someone is searching for '...
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Synonym request: [zelda] to [the-legend-of-zelda] [duplicate]

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