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Should question titles be edited to better reflect the content of the question? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Question with Vague title I've come across a number of question titles that would be vague on their own: How dangerous is it to explore aimlessly? Can I log onto an existing ...
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Include a game's name in question titles to avoid confusion in the HNQ sidebar [duplicate]

I just joined this exchange solely in order to post this meta question. Usually, I hang out in the programming-related exchanges, but, as with any old dictionary, one gets ... sidetracked ... by the ...
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Include game title in title of question? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Question with Vague title Kind of a silly question but I never know if I should include the game title in the question title or simply provide the game title in the subject ...
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Should we allow tags for a specific class in RPG games?

Browsing the site today, I came across this question, which was unique in Diablo 3 in that it is the only question with a secondary tag for the player class. Taking guidance from this meta question, ...
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Should we include the game name in questions titles?

Firstly, I personally believe this is not a duplicate of Question with Vague title as this question is a lot more specific while that one covered a broad number of points and was thus difficult to ...
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Best Practices: Titles and Tags

So the new "suggested edits" bit is really neat, however I've been seeing a lot of edits that basically amounted to-- "Removed X from the title because it was already in the tags" Is this ...
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Why are my questions having the game name added to the title?

I've recently posted a few questions and they've been edited to include the game name in the question title. It was my understanding that this was not required as the game is in the tag. These have ...
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Include the game in the question title so that it's clearer in the Hot Network Questions list

Suggestion: make all questions look like this one where it's apparent from the title which game is being discussed. Reason is because it makes it clear from the HNQ list whether or not to look at the ...
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Why is the first tag sometimes in the <title> tag of some questions?

I searched through Meta and couldn't find an answer to this. I was reviewing my questions this morning and I noticed that in certain questions like What is the effect of falling to your death in ...
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Why was this question's title reverted to be in the '[tag] - [question title]' format?

This is regarding this question which is currently titled: MU online - are there accumulated benefits to raising stamina early in the game for high HP? I have previously changed the title of the ...
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