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How come an older question can be marked a duplicate of a newer question? [duplicate]

June 20 question June 23 question The core of the questions are practically the same, but how come the older question for June 20 is marked a duplicate of a newer question posted on June 23?
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Duplicate Questions: A New Look

A long-standing de facto rule has come about over the course of Arqade's existence. The sentiment here is that any two questions asking for the same information are necessarily duplicates. I can ...
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Is there a bias against self-answered questions?

I recently posted and self-answered the question How do I unlock all the characters/stages in Super Smash Bros. 64?. After the question was received negatively, I received a comment which touched on a ...
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Handling these duplicate questions

This question here asks about not being able to catch Pokémon anymore (they all flee) and not being able to collect anything from PokéStops anymore, and was closed as being too broad which I don't ...
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Duplicate answers and you

Over the past few months the moderator team has noticed an increase in the number of low-quality flags on answers which don’t add any new information over existing answers. This isn’t what the low-...
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Question reopen request and question on how to properly take action on similar issues

I've found a question on Arqade that has been closed as a duplicate of another. I do not believe that this question is a duplicate of its current duplicate target. It can be inferred in two ways, one ...
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What is the policy on older questions rendered obsolete by newer ones?

I just got this question (Is there any diplomatic effect for “You'll pay for this” responses when talking to other players?) in my Close Votes queue. It's being put up for closing as a duplicate of ...
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Random/erratic duplicate marking

On the 22nd of October 2015, I asked a question. Nearly 2 months later, someone asked a similar question. The question had already been answered in my original post, so it makes sense that the second ...
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Duplicate question, original question does not have a good answer

Looks like this situation has occurred previously here: Duplicate questions, both without an answer cannot be flagged There is a question (Who does healers follow?) that was just asked today that is ...
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Several duplicate Minecraft skin questions

I noticed the other day that we have several (seven to be exact) questions asking about Minecraft skins not updating. Normally, I'd just cast duplicate votes on all of them, but since there are seven ...
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Handling dupes asking for updated info

Recently we had a Pokémon Go question asking for how a specific feature works as of a specific patch. We also have an old question which asks about how the feature works. I believe the answers on the ...
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Skyrim 'follower not wearing armor' question dupe closure should probably be the other way around

RE: My companion won't wear her armor (2011-11-18) and My housecarls won't stay dressed! (2012-01-15) The former, older question has recently been closed as a duplicate of the latter. Now as ...
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Duplicated question got closed to a question with outdated answer

I can't find it now, mostly because it has been probably already deleted and I have no privileges to see that, but a question was closed being a dupe of this one: How do I fuel my spaceship?. OK, it ...
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Is a specific question a duplicate of a general question?

If a question asks about a broad scenario, and then a later question asks about one specific instance of that broad scenario, surely the latter question is a duplicate of the former. Am I wrong? To ...
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